Tears and Whistles (An intended Weekly Column)

Think of last week and you will find that the favors of God always exceeded the trials and tribulations you had to face in the same period. Maybe God’s favors are often beyond the normal comprehension but they are there. You are never forsaken by God. Every pain has a reward like every night has a day.
But you can’t escape the sorrow and pathos which are the realities of life.

If you are joyful you are not going to end up being joyful. You are going to find yourself turned in on yourself… and I think some suffering, maybe even intense suffering, is a necessary ingredient for life…”
—Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Are we capable to distinguish between joy and pain? A new car might bring some pomp and luxury, and an aura of superiority but it would not necessarily bring happiness. Your jealous relatives and indifferent friends would dig out the real and imaginary means of income. The Income Tax department would include your name in the ‘watch list’ of suspected taxpayers, and a disgruntled neighbor could employ an urchin to draw the destructive lines with a nail on the body of your car. Your luxury car may be the source of stress.

You can neither quantify happiness nor pains. You can just feel the intensity.

The great moments of joy come from a purpose in life, and you’re putting in your best efforts to succeed. It is not the achievement of a goal but the pleasure of your important efforts. Edmund Hillary had also to come down from the highest peak of the world to the plains once he reached there.

Joy and happiness are to be found in the sense of purpose in life. The journey might be difficult, painful, and sprinkled with sadness but it gives a much deeper sense of fulfillment. Happiness and sadness go together. A Buddhist monk has said, “Suffering and motivation are two sides of the same coin.” Joy and pain are reflected in one another. They are blended.

Note – The scribe is looking forward to continuing this feature ‘Tears and Whistles’ as a weekly column. Readers are requested to share their ideas.

Naim Naqvi

Naim Naqvi

Did his graduation in Science discipline from AMU in 1972-73. He was Secretary of University Ali Society in 1970 and M.M. Hall Literary Society in early 70 's and member of Tayyabji Literary Society. Did his Diploma in Bakery Administration from HTT College Oxford Street London in 1987. Worked with National Herald - Delhi, Blitz - Bombay as Trainee Journalist and in Production Department with 'Naya Sansar Pictures' of Khwaja Ahmed Abbas at Bombay in early 70's. Traveled for study and training purposes to Germany, U.K., Switzerland, France, Dubai, Oman, AbuDhabi, Bahrain and Philepines.

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