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We all are living our life in a very demanding & hectic schedule, nobody have any spare time to meet and greet their own people. But real strength lies in unity. So it’s very important to all of us at least to get some information about each other.

As all of us know that we are living in information and technology age. Whole world is accepting the power of unity, this is the reason that lots of social networking websites, social gathering websites and social bla bla bla…are launching every alternate day.

Amroha.co.in - Portal dedicated to Majestic Amroha City

Amroha.co.in – Portal dedicated to Majestic Amroha City

http://www.amroha.co.in is a dedicated website serving since 2005 and spreading information about this one of the most remarkable cities in the entire world. I personally met the whole team of this project, they are all young and enthusiastic guys who are dedicated to this project without any financial or professional interest and trying to find out new ideas to promote this incredible town and to bring people closer.

These guys state that this project is not only a website for them but it’s a mission. I am delighted to know that this fantastic group has started a blog about Amroha. The objective of this blog is to get connected all the people who belongs to Amroha whether personally, psychologically or emotionally.

I urge all the people who belong to Amroha by any means, to come up and introduce them as much as possible.

I am thankful to all the team players of http://www.amroha.co.in for giving me an opportunity for writing this introductory blog. I wish them all the best and may their all dreams will come true.


S.K Ali

Syed Khamis Ali

Syed Khamis Ali

Syed Khamis Ali S/o Late Jb. Mohd Munawwar Naqvi Moh. Darbar-e-Shah wilayat (Lakda) Amroha. Currently residing in Zakir Nagar, New Delhi, founder 'Capra India' and ' ShahWilayat Goat Farms' worked with Larsen and Toubro Ltd. as a chemical engineer (Oil & Gas sector).

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9 thoughts on “Welcome Note

  1. First of all I would like to thank, appreciate and congratulate the assthusiastic, energetic and devoted team of the web site “amroha.co.in” that made the world able to know about love and dedication of not only the Sadat-e-Amroha but all the Amrohvies to the Almighty God and His Messengers to enlighten the path of truth and dignity the humanity
    May almighty God shower his choicest blessing over them
     Amin!

  2. We like ask you for your kind approval for using some of your great writtings in our Eassy on Dadda
    Sharfuddian Shaw Willait and Amroha please revert with your kind approval.

  3. Dear Mr. Ali Goher
    I thank you for your appriciation.
    First of all I want to say that I am not a great writer, even I am not a writer. whatever i think and feel, i always try to put those thoughts on a piece of paper.
    Actually you people are great who always appriciate, whatever I write.
    Anyways!! this article is not my property, please ask to the site owner for the same. As far as my concern, I don’t have any objection.
    Luv you all

  4. Dear Ali Goher Naqvi,

    Team Amroha.co.in is working day and night to promote Amroha. It is great that you want to use Mr.S.K Ali’s blogs in your essay. You can use the blog in you project.

    Although Mr.Khamis has all the rights to permit you for the same, yet he referred it to Admin. Reason behind it is the recent event when someone copied content from Amroha.co.in and used it on his website without even asking for permissions to use it. Original owner of the content complained about it to Admin.

    I personally want to promote all the blog authors of Amroha.co.in and have no objection if you or any other member wants to use it for personal projects. We will really appreciate if you could mention amroha.co.in somewhere with the article if you are using it on you website/blog.

    Being the moderator Mr.Khamis has all the admin rights for Amroha.co.in 🙂


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