A Day to remember Indra Priyadarshni Gandhi

Why I miss you Indra Priydarshni…..
Because you were the greatest leader Mother India has ever produced. You were the one who had given the new definition to the much touted word – ‘Initiative.’ You were willing to make decisions. You had made decisions that changed the course of history. Your decisions changed the destiny of millions. You didn’t fall victim to ‘ready-aim-aim-aim-aim syndrome.’ You fired the salvo when it was the need of the hour.
Because you were the great Communicator. As a leader you listened a lot; you asked n –th questions; you considered options; you gave decisions loud and clear – unbiased, unclouded, pragmatic, practical and without prejudice. You understood the needs and desires of India. You knew your soil. You had the sagacity to gather every tremor on the lips of Bharat Maa. You felt her agony.

Because you were flexible and adaptable. You challenged the might of established leaders when they tried to push you down. You failed their nasty designs. You took away the privileges of nawabs and rajas; you made the lazy bones work in zones where ordinary poor waddled in vain. You made ‘Gahraibi’ a genuine issue’; You worked the hardest to ‘Hatao’ the curse.

Because you were Proactive and Reactive. You exploded at Pokhran the biggest hit and did it all without taking the credit; You made to Shimla when time was ripe.

Because you were always Respectful to your adversaries; you had the finest upbringing that reflected; you didn’t call them names; you didn’t make tall and false promises; you didn’t lie. You treated every Indian with due respect;
You were and quiet and confident. You were sure of yourself and your humble intentions, You didn’t insult the communities, leaders and parties; You didn’t try to re-write history with fake stories; you didn’t took the criminals under your wings and you crushed them down when they raised their heads. You didn’t rub the salt on the wounds of victims; you reached them with love on impossible tracks – even when it was the uneasy ride on a elephant’s back.
Yes, my leader ! You were an unflinching enthusiast. You presence gave confidence to fallen and down-trodden; You were there to fulfill what the Indians dreamed. You were there when the chips were down; You were there when no one there to wipe the tears; You were there when the sky was overcast; you were there when winds were hot; you were there when life was tough; you were there to make us laugh; You were there with a wand of love.
I miss you Indra Ji because you were both Resourceful and Rewarding. You utilized the resources available to you. You were a leader who knew the art and access to information. You were an exceptional leader who recognized the efforts of others and reinforced those in actions.
Because you were well educated, evaluative, organized and always CONSISTENT.

Because, you didn’t believe in cheap rhetoric.
Yes, I miss you Indra Ji. I’m an unknown Indian.
This regime is ignoring you today. But V remember U. V LOVE U.

Naim Naqvi

Naim Naqvi

Did his graduation in Science discipline from AMU in 1972-73. He was Secretary of University Ali Society in 1970 and M.M. Hall Literary Society in early 70 's and member of Tayyabji Literary Society. Did his Diploma in Bakery Administration from HTT College Oxford Street London in 1987. Worked with National Herald - Delhi, Blitz - Bombay as Trainee Journalist and in Production Department with 'Naya Sansar Pictures' of Khwaja Ahmed Abbas at Bombay in early 70's. Traveled for study and training purposes to Germany, U.K., Switzerland, France, Dubai, Oman, AbuDhabi, Bahrain and Philepines.

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