RSS, Pandit Nehru and Muslims

RSS does it again: “Godse was much better than Nehru — he pulled the trigger on Gandhiji’s chest after a respectful bow. But Nehru stabbed him from behind and greeted him from front.’ It is from the horse’s mouth. ‘Kesari’, the Malayalam mouthpiece of the RSS that suggested that Nathuram Godse, instead of assassinating Gandhi, should have targeted Jawaharlal Nehru as he was responsible for Partition and never had any genuine attachment with the Father of the Nation. “Nehru’s selfish politics was behind all national tragedies, including Partition and Gandhi’s assassination. After an honest evaluation of Nathuram Godse’s arguments and historical documents related to Partition, if history students feel Godse aimed the wrong target, they cannot be blamed. Nehru was solely responsible for Partition of the country.” The article is written by B Gopalakrishnan who was the BJP candidate in Chalakudy in the recent Lok Sabha election. He had lost.
There were times when RSS shakhas Gandhi was cursed for favoring Nehru – a lot of unprintable would be expended to denigrate the Father of the Nation. It seems a show of Achche Din for Bapu is the need of the hour, at least a respite, for another strategic onslaught design at the Nagpur Board. Now the hit is direct to decimate the remnants of Congress. Nehru is the target. He is dead. The legacy of Nehru is still strong. His legatees are weak.
The ‘Kesari’ says – “Nehru, whose ambition was to become a world leader, was closer to (Winston) Churchill, (Franklin D) Roosevelt and Chiang Kai-shek than he was to Gandhi. Nehru was always a selfish man and a hypocrite. He did not want anyone above him in the Congress. But Gandhiji’s popularity and his influence had made him jealous of Gandhi. Nehru was never a disciple of Gandhi. Nehru was the favorite of the British and the history was written in such a way that he was glorified. It’s time to rewrite this history and demolish some false idols. We will approach the government to rewrite the history and expose them. What Nehru wanted was Gandhiji’s cap and his khadi clothes. Nehru and his family had snatched his attires. Godse was much better than Nehru — he pulled the trigger on Gandhiji’s chest after a respectful bow. But Nehru stabbed him from behind and greeted him from front.”
In one of my article in ‘India Opine’ recently I’d given every elaborate details of Nathuram Godse affiliation to RSS. Reader can refer it to corroborate. However, the article of B Gopalkeishan claims that Godse was not an RSS member, but a follower of the radical Savarkar group of the Hindu Mahasabha. By falsely blaming the RSS, Nehru had killed “two birds with one stone” — prevented Saradar Patel from becoming a leader above him and managed to ban the RSS through Patel.”
The article argues that Nehru clinically eliminated Gandhi, keeping him out of the last round of talks with the British, leading up to Partition and independence, to serve his selfish ends.

It is two-track politics, double-speak and changing of colors like chameleon. From the pulpit, one imposter spews venom against Nehru Family, from the foyer another one puts a softer and benign posture. Play with the hare, hunt with the hound. The country wondered when only recently Prime Minister Narendra Modi had reconstituted the committee to celebrate Nehru’s 125th anniversary, dropping many UPA appointees but retaining Suman Dubey, a former journalist and family friend of the Nehru-Gandhis. Narendra Modi, as an ex officio head of the reconstituted 30-member committee, would oversee yearlong celebrations starting November 14. It is significant that Mrs. Sonia Gandhi had resigned from the committee after the election results in May.

We have Mr Jekyl and Mr Hyde syndrome haunting the nation. RSS keeps reminding its loyal vote bank that its planks and shibboleth are unchanged. The latest article is an incontrovertible proof of that. Nehru was secular and had a sympathetic corner for minorities. He had contained and cornered the RSS ideology. He was the bête noire of RSS.

The last Lok Sabha elections added a new chapter for the students of Political Science. He can learn how the spin and hyperbole could overwhelm the realities on the ground. The state of Gujarat was never ‘numero ono’ in prosperity and most of the important parameters. Still, in the public perception, it was made to believe so. It was portrayed as if the achievements transgressed caste, class, religion and region while the counter evidence were suggesting a skew in that stilted model of development. In the glare of media, voter behaved like a deer that suddenly jumps before the search light.

Development Story of Gujarat was an insidious cover to fulfill the RSS dream. For many hapless Muslims of Gujarat, it was reconciliation to fact that life in past-riots ghettos is a permanent reality of Gujarat where segregation is assumed to be normal. No one remembered that the plank of Development involves human dignity also. The sprite of GDP is not the last goal post.
In a ruse to placate the resentment brewing against a controversial article in RSS mouthpiece ‘Kesari’ RSS Nagpur has come out stating that the organisation has got nothing to do with the views expressed in the controversial article. Home Minister Ramesh Chennithala has already directed DGP K S Balasubramanian to probe into the issue and take action, if necessary, on a complaint filed by KPCC general secretary Sooranad Rajasekharan. RSS leadership has come out condemning the views expressed in the article published in ‘Kesari.’ ‘‘We always disapproved any thought or act of violence,’’ Dr Manmohan Vaidya, RSS Akhila Bharatheeya prachar pramukh, said in a tweet. ‘’RSS has nothing to do with the views expressed in the controversial article written by B Gopalakrishnan which appeared in Malayalam weekly Kesari.’’
The RSS targets Congress, Nehru and Nehru family just because they were considered friendly or to harbor a softer corner for the minorities of India, especially Muslims.
Take it or leave it!

Naim Naqvi

Naim Naqvi

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