The Dark Clouds

“A Sunset with Peace” is an article that was written eight years ago. I’ve received thousands of likes for that article and it is included in my book “Despair and Hope.”

However, an article published today, 27th June 2018, in “Hindustan Times” by an Anonymous writer has sent a shiver down my spine. It is a story of a septuagenarian who was shifted to an assisted living facility by his NRI son after a by-pass surgery.

Here are some excerpts of the article:

Living away had taken its toll on my outlook and life turned negative.

More than even children, I miss my wife. She moved to my daughter’s house in another city when she developed arthritis. She was not able to walk on her own and I was not able to assist her. I did not want to be an additional burden on my daughter so I continued to live on my own. It is difficult for her to come visit me here as she can not travel alone.

It was my bad luck that my son found a job in America. He came down to India, stayed with me while I had a by-pass surgery and moved me to a short stay, assisted living facility for the elderly in Delhi. He returned. I did not question the decision as I believe that my son wanted the best for me. I would never want to come in the way of his successful career. He had promised me to visit in March. It is already June.

As parents grow old, their needs actually become fewer. They don’t want to become a burden on anyone. They understand if their children live separately.

The only thing they want from their children is a little time.

I do hope and pray that when I die I am not alone. My children may be busy so I can accept if they are not with me but I want to be with my wife in my last days.

I saw some other people pass away without having their family around and that scares me.

Note : I hope and pray that it won’t happen with other parents facing the similar dilemma. But it reminds me the story of film “Baghban.”

Naim Naqvi

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