Not Merits But His Mercy

(S.Kaleem Sibtain Naqvi)

“Teri hai zameen , tera aasmaan;
Tu bada meherbaan tu bakhsheesh kar.”

As a matter of fact, the fast progress of the world made us able to perform wonderful things that were earlier far away from the possibilities and beyond our imaginations. The world has become hi’ tech and our motto has become perfectly materialistic, rooted in the marsh of real unreality.

In such a hypocritical environment of vulgar artificiality, it is of course, an uphill task to cut this Gordian knot to create a surge of searching the truth in the dormant sea of thoughts which depends upon our power of discrimination, decision, determination and dedication that will decide the fate of our final lives after death.

One of the common fact mentioned in Vedanta, Torah, Bible and Quran is that there is only the mercy of God that gives us all the blessings of merits all along our lives.

See the Gayatri Mantr which reveals that the God who created all, looks after us, removes our problems & calamities, Whose blessings give us merits is requested for mercy to make us perfect.

Now see the same in the ultimate book of knowledge- Quran in sora-e Humd “BISSMILLAH HIR REHMANIR RAHEEM. ALHAMDOLIL LAHE-E RABBIL AALAMEEM… EH-HEDE NUSSIRATAL MUSTAQEEM. SIRATAL LAZINA ANUMTA ALEHIM GHAIRIL MUGHZOOB-E-ALEHIM WA LUZ ZOALEEN”. In the name of The God, the compassionate, the merciful-praise be to Allah the Lord of the worlds… Guide us to the right path, the path of those upon whom you bestowed favours, not those who have invited Your wrath, nor those who have gone astray.

Here I would like to quote a dream of a godly man who never performed any wrong. He utilized his whole life in the worship of God. He performed all the best deeds for others. Once in dream, he visualized that after his death, the angels were taking him in the sky way where the environment was becoming more and more pleasant with comforts of sweet flowering freshness. The man was happy to think of his merits that made Heaven’s comforts for him in return but as soon as this thought came in his mind he went on realizing the change occurring in the environment that was gradually becoming unpleasant, dry and then the chilling heat and hurdles made him tired and thirsty. He requested to angels for getting rest and some water but in vain.

Slowly the heartbreaking journey had become more and more tiresome. He saw a water woman on the way and requested for some water but she demanded its cost. The man had no money, he told his problem so she asked if he had anything to give in return, but nothing he found in his hands while the thirst was breaking his breaths. Water woman advised if he give all of his merits of worship & goodness of his whole life in return, she might give half full bowl of water. When he drank it, he thought of unworthiness of his thought. He realized that all his worships were equal to the half bowl of water. He realized his wrong thinking. Almighty God had given him sweet streams, rivers & fountains, He gave him innumerable gifts in each small fraction of time. The godly man was ashamed of his mistake that he had forgotten the mercy of God, Who gave everything to him to live and enjoy, He never demanded the cost of His uncountable gifts, His mercy was unlimited. He repented on his mistake and beseeched to excuse his sin. Then the God commanded the angels again to change the direction of journey towards heaven and slowly the environment was becoming again pleasant.

The God knows all of our feelings and is the lone commander of all his created Worlds. He is all Merciful & Compassionate & all of our merits are His mercy.We have no quality of anything without His mercy.

6 thoughts on “Not Merits But His Mercy

  1. The Bible tells us that God’s mercy is new every morning. “Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each morning” (Lamentations 3:23). Enjoy this illustration,

  2. Dear Mr.Wilson and Janab Mansab Sb. Thanks for your comments.
    Yes ,of course, God’s mercy is new not only every morning but every moment all along our lives and if we realize our sins , lament and don’t repeat ,the Lord God,Almighty and All Merciful will forgive the sins but again and again commitment will not be forgiven . See the Old Testament -”Surely the Lord God will do nothing,but He revealeth His secret unto his prophets.”[Amos-Chapter-3;7,8….]
    ”You only have I known of all the families of the earth;therefore I will punish you for all your iniquities”.[Amos-Chapter 3;2……]
    May All Merciful God Bless us the righteous way ,Ameen!

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