Brain is the upper large part of our Central Nervous System (CNS) which is also called as Encephalon situated in the skull. The rest CNS is a narrow spinal cord running through spinal canal from the upper level of Atlas to first Lumber Vertebra. CNS is that site in our body which is responsible for the processing of all the information (experiences) and control. All the voluntary impulses are received and translated into action by CNS by brain and this system is called as Somatic Nervous System while the other one transmits the impulses from CNS to the involuntary muscles for automatic responds which are performed by nerve cord and are called reflex actions.

Midline view of the brain

Midline view of the brain

Morphologically brain is divided into three main regions called as-

1. Forebrain (prosencephalon)
2. Mid Brain (mesencephalon)
3. Hind Brain (rhombencephalon)

Forebrain forms the greater part of the brain having olfactory lobes, cerebrum and diencephalon.

Midbrain is small and it consists of two heavy fiber tracts or CEREBRAL PEDUNCLES on the ventral side and two colliculi (superior and inferior) on each side of the dorsal surface. The cerebral peduncles connect the hindbrain with the forebrain.

The hindbrain consists of cerebellum, pons, varolii and medulla oblongata. The unit of medulla oblongata, pons, midbrain and diencephalon of forebrain are called as BRAIN STEM.A diffuse network of nerve cell bodies and nerve tracts extends through the brain stem which is called as reticular activating system (RAS) to screen the sensory information in such a way that only certain electromagnetic waves or impulses reach the brain.

Human brain is the only thing in the entire universe that is ever attempting to explore itself for best understanding of its functions. The brain and spinal cord consist of nerve cells (neurons) and neurological cells (neuroglia). Neuroglia, provide mechanical support to neurons. It also provides the channel to the impulse to travel from one nerve to other through the gap between two nerves (synapse) and to maintain Blood-brain barrier. The another important information of brain is the presence of NEURO SENSORY CELLS in its hypothalamus which regulates the secretion of PITUITARY GLAND and so all the endocrine glands are indirectly under the control of neuro sensory cells.

The coordination of body and brain is achieved by three overlapping processes-Sensory in-put , Integration and motor output. All the functions are performed by proper coordination of brain and body.

Presentation and Success

In the poem “A Psalm of Life”, H.W. Longfellow(1807-1882) expressed that-

“Lives of great men all remind us
We can make our lives sublime
And departing, leave behind us
Footprints of the sands of time.”

Certainly the real success in life is possible only by virtue of the powers of discrimination, decision, devotion and dedication that can make us able to leave behind us footprints on the sand of time to achieve the destination (goal of success). See as the content of the course of struggle is backbone of success; equally the presentation of the content of right things at right time in a right way is the body of Success. Both are part and parcel to each other. The great success is not possible without efforts to rise but is always possible by extra ordinary efforts and struggle to rise in the right direction to explore the miracle.

Allama Iqbal says-
“Be mojizah duniya mein ubharti nahin qaume
Jo zarb-e-kaleemi nahin rakkhte, wo hunar kya?”

In other words we can say-
“No success is possible without will
No miracle may happen without struggle.”

The efforts and their unique presentation provide the proper success in all the spheres of life. Suppose, take the example of examinees and an examiner. All the examinees are answering the questions with correct contents of the matter but someone gets better marks than the other. The reason is the better presentation of the same content before the examiner. Take another example of food. If the same food is served by different people in different ways, the better presentation would be liked more. And see the monotonous way of presentation cannot make any valuable difference. Someone can deny it, but as a matter of fact, the presentation of the contents of the matter , matters for achieving the success in life.

As a biology student I can say if the matters of life are considered with respect to our body functions and physiology of the brain, it is clear that the brain is responsible for all the functions and deeds done by the body. All the decisions, determinations and practices are the acts performed by our body parts but by the order of our brain and nervous system. The aspiration and intensity to perform any act depends upon the enzymatic actions and by the governance of the brain. Sometimes some of the feelings or the events make us excited, aggressive, calm or imbalanced, sweet or harsh. but the body is the same. Have we ever thought, why do we get angry by hearing a few abusive things about us and sometimes are very sweet and sublime? The reason is the God gifted physiology of our brain and the responses of the body parts. The nitrogenous organic compounds which are called enzymes perform the key role to initiate, motivate, retardate or stop the biochemical processes making body to respond for the electromagnetic waves(impulses) transmitted by the brain to act accordingly by the motor cells of the body organs.

Presentation is the product of inherited traits and the acquired behaviour. It is developed by the interaction of personal character with the environment that imparts the positive and negative impacts of all the living, non-living and abstract things on the personality. Good friends that may be parents, brothers, sisters, cousins or companions, books and journals all are responsible to induce the positive vibrations or invisible energy in the form of electromagnetic waves in your brain that stimulates the specific faculties of brain and the brain cells perform the diagnostic and prognostic functions to think and pass the relevant orders to the concerned organs of the body to respond. The presentation of positive responds makes up your personality impressive and successful. So there is the important role of your friends all along your life for the success.

The creator of all the things of universe made the brain consisting of fore-brain, mid and hind-brain but divided into two equal and symmetrical left and right halves.

Physiologically left half of brain is concerned to evaluate the things in the parts and then as a whole. The God provided the complicated mechanism to think for rational, logical, sequential, analytical and objective thinking to solve the problems. The left half of brain is also responsible to control the speech, language and analyse the matters as calculation of maths and physics, chemistry and the other sciences of arts. The right half of the brain is mostly concerned with the first observation of the whole then in parts. It governs creativity, intuition, holistic, random and subjective thinking.

If you want to get success in your right decisions, you have to put it in the representation of your attitude towards decisions which will first be initiated in the left brain as rational and logical thinking and then in the right half of brain for creativity so that differently distinct creativity can get the powerful ability of presentation in the system of the body organs. So we see that the left and right halves of the brain, nervous system and the body organs establish a balanced coordination between their acts. The brain sends the impulses in the form of electromagnetic waves to the concerned body organs to act accurately according to the commands so that the creativity and logical thinking can give the shape to the idea for the efforts to raise and get success.

The success is possible only by efforts and the heights can be achieved by efforts in the right direction. Presentation of efforts is the process of struggle to reach the goal. The heights can be achieved by gradual raise by gradually accelerated stimulation and governance of the brain for the body. Gain of heights for gradual raise is a process of presentation of good coordination of all the faculties of brain and body which is really the struggle for success.

If the heights are gained without raise, are not real heights but imaginary and inverted, so can’t be called as success because it is not the result of the presentation of proper coordination of brain, body and presentation of acts. If we have the aim to reach a goal and present our best efforts, we get success. If no evident success is acquired even by hard efforts, no problem at all, efforts themselves are success because our actions are in perfect coordination with all the physiological and biochemical processes in the body to present the acts in the favour of brain to rise for getting the success. We should do our best efforts as our brain commands and produce the best presentation of efforts to rise and get success and see if you have determination with dedication, your presentation would make you deserving for your sure success.



By- Kaleem Sibtain ‘Kaleem’

Good-men do not puff by power,
Bend down trees of fruit and flower.
Do not lament for the past,
Look forward struggling fast.

Good-men are the captains of fate,
March they ever never get late.
All the fears they keep away,
No defeat stops their way.

Good-men have the clean mind,
For each in world they are kind.
Destination itself looks for them,
They sail the truth with active helm.

Good-men have the pious soul,
Their path of truth has certain goal.
They do not aspire for the wealth,
But mend the spiritual -health.

Good-men are great indeed,
Courage, honesty, truth, they feed.
Mend their ways and train the souls,
They love the Creator and created whole.

******          *******         ******


By- Kaleem Sibtain  ‘Kaleem’

O Motherland tell me,

What should I see?


Should I see the sparkling- dew

On tossing blue-lotus new

Or falling tears from eyes of poor

Feeble- thin, devoid of cheer.

O Motherland tell me,

What should I see?


Should I see the blooming- daffodils

Or thirsty faded lips.

Should I see the burning- flowers

Or see the spring showers.

O Motherland tell me,

What should I see?


Should I haunt with breezy blows

And play under trees’ shadows

Or should I see the shackled souls

In fire of sad and sorrows.

O Motherland tell me,

What should I see?


Another’s sorrow and grief I can’t see.

Frenzy of beauty is naught to me.

Cries for water and food, I can’t see.

Victims’ shackles torture me.

O Motherland tell me,

What should I see?




“Aati thi soobh fitna-e-taza liye hue,
Jati thi sham din ka jamaza lie hue”

Undoubtedly the above couplet expresses the real picture of Pre-Islamic Arabia but even after the perfect revelation of ISLAM, Hz. Mohammad Mostafa (S.A.W.) ibn-e-Abdullah ibn-e-Hz.Mo’ttalib Arabs were still committing the heinous satanic crimes. They forgot the words of Allah-

“There is no God but He;
it is He who gives life and Who gives death.” (44:8).

They forgot that “no vision can grasp Him, but His grasp is over all visions.”(6:13)

And they also forgot that- “He will gather you together after death for the day of judgement for your good or evil deeds.”(45:26).

He sent one Lakh Twenty four thousand Ambiya for preaching the people of all the worlds of His created universe but what happened to Arabs who did not hesitate to follow the satanic evils saying them Muhammadans.  They were most uncivilized and illiterate people, so Allah sent his best adorable Prophet Hz. Mohammad Mustafa (PBUH) from the ancestry of Hz. Hashim ibn-e-Hz.Monaf to preach the religion of humanity (Islam) which started with the creation of Universe and got perfection by Hz. Mohammad Mostafa s.w.a. by Allah’s will and declared as ISLAM 13 years earlier than Hijrat.
See the irony of the time, Allah sent His last Prophet, the ultimate Rasool, most talented messenger practically presenting the divine path free from all the evils for salvation of the souls to inculcate and create humanity. But the Arabs deceived him and made the land as bad as Hell while the creatures of of entire world were being enlightened by the divine energy of Hz. Mohammad (s.a.w.) ,his Ahl-e-bet and qur’an –the voice of Allah.


The collection of all the divine messages and the mission of Allah’s revelation, is the Holy Qur’an which is par excellence consisting of all the knowledge of the worlds of created universe. Our abilities are unfortunately still unable to understand it even to a little extent and we confined it within our interests and abilities.
It was seventh century that was full of bloodshed and betrayal of Arabs. In such horrible and frustrated environment there was no place for humane to survive. The worst society was continually sinking in dreadful darkness of satanic world and made the land hell full of devils.
The life itself was in search of shelter to maintain continuity. The animals were better than those self proclaimed Muslims who crossed all the boundaries of wickedness .So the Almighty God sent His last and most beloved Prophet Hz. Mohammad Mostafa (s.a.w.) on the sinful- land of Arab.
Hz. Mohammad (S.W.A) was a figure of qualities, knowledge, justice, truth and perfect humanity from his early childhood. He was extremely handsome and brave above all the preachers and prophets. Slowly he got established his noble image amidst a group of gentle men of Arab. Before his Risalat, he became famous for his divine qualities. He was a great reformer following the commandments of Allah. He was practically busy to reform society and inculcate the humanity following the path of truth giving up evils. He wanted to make a strong nation for human beings having equal rights and responsibilities. He had been trying his best to propagate humanity which was the mission of Allah and to follow the right path of goodness leaving the satanic evil tendencies. The people having faith in one God and goodness had been increasing to join him and got comfort giving up the evil ideas and horrible superstitions. Day by day his divine influence to win the hearts of the people increased and reformation in the society started but simultaneously the devil spirits of Bani-Umaiya were coming across to destroy the fabric of humanity for their own domination. They were following the way of Satan and their deeds were full of sins due to their evil ideas about life of human-beings. They all were defeated again and again by the savior of humanity but the feeling of revenge was slowly increasing in the hearts of sinners. Hz. Mohammad (s.a.w.) preached the society all the divine objectives and the mission of almighty God, to create the peace and prosperity to nourish the religion of humanity for the sake of salvation from the sins.
Hz.Mohmmad Mostafa (s.a.w.) died in harness to reform the society, and to establish the divine religion of humanity in which equality, liberty, righteousness, respect of feelings and thirst for the search of truth and knowledge were essential components to bring forth prosperity in the life of human race. Such a great reformer and the last messenger of Allah Hz. Mohammad (s.a.w.) declared Hz. Ali ibn-e-Abitalib (his paternal cousin and son in law) as his WALI ( heir descendent) in GHADEER , who was the centre of the mission of Allah around whom the entire Universe moves and who was equal part of the same divine energy that of Hz. Mohammad Mustafa (PBUH) and was the cause of creation of the universe whom NUSAIR people called him their God due to his divine powers .He continued the same mission of humanity. He was the best versed person, man of ideals and justice, ocean of love and tolerance world of humanity and bravery and treasures of knowledge and qualities, means no merit was escaping from his personality created by Almighty God.


He was such a great humane whom humanity feels honored originated by the divine NOOR OF PANJETAN. He taught the spiritual power of Almighty God to reform the society. He left no stone unturned to spread and propagate the religion of humanity to enlighten the people to understand the divine truth and to follow the righteous path and avoid the satanic activities. Horror, torture, crime, injustice, absurd superstitions and darkness of illiteracy were slowly disappearing from the attitude of contemporary society. Divine feeling of worthlessness of materialistic world was spreading with all round fame of Ali ibn-e-Abitalib, the Wali of Hz. Mohammad, but the opposition was silently sowing the seeds of heinous crimes to grow against the mission of humanity. The cruel and tyrant Arabs knowingly forgot the message of Allah and tortured Hz. Ali (A.S.) denying the divine message.

“Sabbaha lillah-e-mafis samavat-e-wal-arz-e-wa huwal azeezal hakeem. Lahoo mulkus samavatt-e-wal-arz.

Yu haiyyo-ma-yo-mayyato-wa-huwa-ala kull-e-sha-in-qadeer”

That means all the things on the earth and havens are fully devoted to God and perform prayer. The God is the lone commander of all the havens and earth. He made the life and death He was forever and He is foever. He is visible He is invisible everywhere.

Sinner baddus of Arabia calling them as Mohammadans or the followers of ALLAH could not wickedly accept the divine messages ofAllah and they decided to assassinate Hz. Ali-Murtaza (a.s.), his family members and followers. The demons, the followers of Satan and Beezebub fought many wars with Mola-e-kainat but were defeated ever. Then they decided to kill him during the Morning Prayer (namaz) inside the mosque in the month of Ramadan. Ibn-e-Moljim committed this heinous crime of attack and Maula-e-Kainat could not survive for more than three days.


The people of Allah never get disappointed to give any sacrifice to protect the humanity for the fulfilment of the wish of God. Hz. Imam Hasan (elder son of Hz.Ali-e-Murtaza) took the same responsibility but the wicked sinners so called Muslims could not tolerate the divine recommendations due to their evil practices. Cruel and hardhearted Jada bint-e-Ashas, his wife, treacherously gave him poison and assassinated him cruelly according to the instructions of Maviya ibn-e-Abu Sofyan.

After the martyrdom of our second Imam Hz. Imam Hasan (A.S.), his younger brother Hz. Imam Husain was accepted as third Imam by the recommendations of Allah whom Hz. Mohammad adored very much because Allah has already told him that this son of Holy Lady Fatima (A.S.) would be brutally assassinated with his seventy two true friends and family members in the pathetic state of three days thirst and hunger on the horrid hot sand of Karbala near river Furat to fulfil his promise to safeguard the humanity and the divine commandments. All the tortures were to be faced by his Ahlebait. He did know that Imam Husain would give all the sacrifices to distinguish the religion of humanity for the honour of mankind and to enlighten the entire universe by following the rule of Allah and denying the satanic evils.Mirza Asad Ullah Khan Ggalib’s words from the core of  the heart as psalms are-














Tyrant Maviya ibn-e-Abu Sofyan breached the compromise with Hz.Imam Hasan[A.S.] and Yazeed ibn-e- Maviya became the king in 61st Hijri . He was the ill assorted bunch of all the evils and he was the satanic representative whose betrayal made him king.. He wanted to contaminate the religion of humanity ‘Islam’ by his materialistic powers. He wanted the evil deeds might be mixed with religion of humanity so homogeneously that might become the part of Islam to fulfill his satanic mission. Yazeed wanted his sinful ideology recommended and verified by the divine decedents oh Hz. Mohammad (PBUH) which was never accepted by Ahlebait. He wanted to destroy the holy spirit of Islam and to get dominance in the name of unreal Islam. He thought him as God and wanted to change the Shriyat according to his convenience. He wanted to make such a shameless society that would be unable to differentiate between right and wrong, Good and evil, human and inhuman deeds, to suppress the mission of Islam. He wanted Hz. Imam Husain to accept his bayat which might become the verification of correctness of Yazeed and his ancestors. So how could Imam Husain (A.S.) accept his proposal. He refused it to protect the humanity. Yazeed had been continuously increasing the torture to Imam Husain (A.S.), his family and divine followers to abide them for bayat.



Imam Husain (A.S.) left Madeena for Mecca with his family but got the news that Yazeed had sent a platoon of soldiers in disguise of Hajees to assassinate him during Hajj in Kana-e-Kaaba so he preferred to depart for Koofa avoiding bloodshed at holy Kaaba.

There was another embodiment of evils , Ibn-e-Ziyad ,who was posted as governor of Koofa getting mad, to arrest Hz. Imam Husain [A.S.].He started to send his armies but could not get success in his wicked mission.
One of Ibn-e-Ziyad’s army ‘s commander was Hor whose soldiers had been secretly following the divine caravan of Hz.Imam Husain to arrest by the order of Yazeed. Hot environment of summer made them thirsty as their stored water had been finished. Hor requested Imam Husain for water, so the savior of humanity Imam Husain (A.S.) gave his stored water without considering him as his enemy. All the soldiers and the animals of Hor’s army could be satisfied from thirst by getting the water. Hor told Imam Husain that his duty was to arrest him but his insight got enlightened by the divine humanity of Imam Husain which made him restless till late night to decide his role. Ultimately he came to Imam Husain alone to inform that a tyrant governor, Ibn-e-Ziyad himself had departed with his platoon to arrest him. He was the same tyrant who had already brutally assassinated Hz. Muslim and his two innocent children. Hor advised to change his destination from Koofa to any other place in darkness of night as his army was in deep sleep. Imam Husain accepted and changed the destination that was already known as prophecy of Hz. Mohammad [s.a.w.] by the Almighty God for Imam Husain.




It was dawning of the day when Imam Husain, his family and followers reached to their desolate destination Karbala. He paid the cost of the land near RIVER FURAT to the owners, and requested to bury the bodies of martyrs in the soil after the war with sinful tyrant Yazeed and his evil armies.Hz. Imam Husain [a.s.] got their Khaimas (tents) fixed on the bank of River Furat but as soon as Ibn-e-Ziyad got this information, his army encompassed the Khyam-e-Husaini and informed Yazeed, who immediately sent the armies from Rome to Shaam. The fistful Ahlebait and followers were pushed away from the river bank to horrid hot sand of Karbala. Now Husain and Husaini caravan was helplessly surrender by tyrannical cavalries and infantries of Yazeed to assassinate the divine preacher and the Embodiments of Humanity. Again and again the same question either Husain accept bayat of Yazeed or bear more horrible tortures in the inferno of torment but Imam Husain for whom the Almighty Allah created the entire Universe, who had been given the divine powers, was the alma-mater of humanity accepted to sacrifice all, but not the humanity, to dignify the ultimate truth of the mission of Almighty Allah.


Hz.Imam Husain[A.S.] was quite aware of the personification of inhumanity and the ill assorted bunch of all the evils – Yazeed, will not leave any heinous crime to commit against Ahlebait to destroy the divine religion of values but he sacrificed for the sake of humanity to protect it from satanic world of evils.

The Husaini Jamaat, that was the savior of divine religion having the soldiers from the age group of 6month old Hz. Ali Asghar to very old Hz. Habeeb Ibn-e-Mazahir and Muslim Ibn-e-Osoja consisting of 72 or some more, was the symbol of all bravery and master of war-tactics. They were braver than the bravest whom millions of Yazeed’s soldiers were afraid and unable to defeat 72 people. It was the clear mirror of Yazeed’s defeat that lakhs of the soldiers from different Arab countries were sent to fight with a group of 72 warriors of Islam.

Now it was seventh Mohorram-ul-Haraam when there was no space around carvan-e-Husaini free from Yazeed’s army. Yazeed ordered to prevent water for Husain and his follows. The cruel soldiers were posted at Furaat for CARAVAN-E- HUHAINI to face the thirst for break their courage and to abide them for his bayat. But the great divine ideal humane Hz. Imam Husain and his followers were boldly defeating the Yazeed mission to establish the power of humanity. Yazeed was increasing the severe infliction of sufferings everyday but there was not even a little fractional movement in Husaini determination to protect the humanity on the Earth.

Tenth Mohorram was the third day without water and food in the desert of Karbala for Husain and his followers when the satanic frustration of Yazeed had started to break all the limits of dreadful cruelty but the entire universe salutes the bravos of Karbala who were not ready to leave Hz.Imam Husain while he did request them to save their lives from Yazeedi tyranny but they be sought to sacrifice their lives even if they could get seven births. Husaini caravan performed the prayers whole night before Aashura. Hunger and thirst could not harm the strength of Husaini caravan who were ready to sacrifice everything fighting against Yazeedis.

“Karbala pyaas se labraiz the Aashur ke din
Us taraf koon ke pyase the, idhar paani ke”

All the Husaini soldiers fought bravely since the Morning Prayer till the evening against the huge Yazeedi army led by Ibn-e-Ziyad in which a number of hard-hearted cruel tyrants were eager to assassinate the son of Fatima and Ali with his fellows, to make Yazeed happy deserting all the images of Hz. Mohammad and the divine religion of humanity. First of all the devoted friends and follow bravely fought , then relatives, and then his family members having the second last warrior of 6 months, his innocent son Hz. Ali Asghar who too could not get a drop of water for three days like others.Tyrant Hormila assassinated him by a poisoned three edged row in the arm of Imam Husain when he was requesting water from the cruel force of Yazeed. Now Imam Husain was alone in the Husain force of 72 braves. Imam Zainul Abideen[A.S.] was suffering from severe disease making him unable to even get up from the bed. Janab-e-Zainu, his beloved sister has become Ali to help Imam Husain and all the children and ladies of Husaini soldiers.







Bloodshed was everywhere in the battle field of Karbala and Husain was alone to fulfill the promise to save the divine religion of humanity by giving his own last sacrifice in the name of Almighty Allah and his deen. Like all 71 Shaheeds Imam Husain also fought bravely full of war tactics and killed a number of Yazeedi soldiers but at last Almighty Allah wanted him to put his Zulfiqar (sword) at rest for the sake of Islam and to give his own last sacrifice. Now Hz. Imam Husain[A.S] became helpless and got surrounded by satanic forces of Yazeed .Shimr,Omer-e-Sad and Sanan most inhuman cruels of Ibn-e-Marjana’s army assassinated Hz.Imam Husain creating most pathetic tempest in the battle field of Karbala and now the holy lady, the sister of Imam Husain took the responsibility to protect the religion of humanit





AMRO TALE NO. 4 (The Salvation Isle- Amroha)















Undoubtedly the earlier Amrotales have given the short references of a large number of charismatic personalities while merely the paragraphs or pages or chapters are insufficient for each of them. Not the single book but many volumes of the books would be formed for each of them to encompass the qualitative merits and submission to the Almighty God .They all possessed  a powerful  intellect beyond our imagination to put the knowledge and intelligence to practice the life. They gave the lesson how to hold the mind under perfect control to command our actions to spell the success and peace in life.


The cultural history of Amroha shows strong threads of unity running through the infinite multiplicity that was not fabricated by pressure of power-stakeholders or by stress. Amroha’s unity, intimacy and equality were established by the foresightedness and saintliness of great personalities and by their vigil sensibility and intellectuality. Their speculation and vision of reform were open ended and broad .Moreover, the imagination of poets and artists, learned doctors, engineers and scientists engineered the network of cordial connections between all the communities not only in Amroha or nearby but among entire human society of the world.

It would be undoubtedly an uphill task to even narrate the names of such superb persons of Amroha who sophistically engineered the society of Amroha. Besides a number of earlier references some of other great personalities around 19th century are Maulana Janab Najmul Hasan Taqvi Sahib (Najmul Millat Sahib), Maulana Janab Aulad Hasan Saleem Sahib, Janab Vakeel Hizabbar Ali Sahib, Janab Aaley Ahmad Naim Amrohvi Sahib(the writer of a big deewan of books, monajats,qasaids ,nohas, marsiyas etc. as Fasana-e –Mehsher,Jannatul Naim , Taqdisul Naim , Baqiyatul Naim , Istaghasa, Rozatul Naim and  Aaftab-e-Wilayat etc.),  Haji Mortaza Husain Sahib, Maulana Yosuf Husain Sahib (Yosuf-ul- Hindi s/o Haji Mortaza Husain Sahib), MOSHAFI AMROHVI SAHIB ,Zaman Amrohvi Sahib, Ali Nazar Amrohi Sahib, Girdhari Lal Turz Amrohi Sahib, S. Haider Husain Yatka Amrohi Sahib (1805-1845), S. Jawad Husain Shamin Amrohi Sahib (1838-1913) etc. etc. In 20th century Janab Manzar Amrohvi Sahib, Maulana Naseem Hasan Hilal Sahib, Allama Shafeeque Hasan Ailia Sahib, then after Maulana Ibadat Sahib Kaleem{S.Husain Akhtar Sahib – Imam-e-juma o jamat) Maulana Basheer Hasan sahib (founder of Aaley Ahmad Girls School as Madarsa-e Niswan that came in existence on 1st July 1922 with the Inchargeship of Mohtarama Safdari Begum through Master Mahmood Hasan Bolandshehri with her acceptance ofRs. 22.00 per month with the facility of residence  and the Madarsa- Niswan started in the Porani Haveli of Janab Aaley Ahmad Sahib Naim.Mohtarama Tahira Khatoon  urf Taro was appointed as QuramShareef Teacher at Rs.8.00 per month and till then the number of students studying Maths,Drawing ,Urdu and QuranShareef . Then it was shifted at Imam Bargah Dost Ali Sahib, Katkoin in June  1924 when it was adopted by Janab Aaley Ahmad Sahib Mohalla Katkoin after a meeting  of a number of peoples of our community at the residence of Khan Bahadur Syed Nabi Hadi Sahib}. Moiaulana safi Mortaza Sahib, Maulana Sabir Husain Sahib, Maulana Mohd. Nabi Sahib, Sikandar Husain Faheem Sahib (1910-1977) and S. Qayam Raza Naseem (………….   to     28/2/1987) were the prominent leading personalities to architect a beautiful and value oriented society .Imam Ali Khan Nazish Sahib went to Pak and worked at very high ranks of Communist Party and the Pak Government kept him in jail many times] and Jon Amrohvi Sahib (whose two collections SHAYAD and YANI have been published) can never be fainted on canvas of architectures of Amrohvi society and the future generations cannot forget their selfless services to unite, educate and reform the culture to create equality and freedom for making well educated and civilized nation of high morals. Maulana Mohd. Shakir Razmi Sahib has also been serving the society by his best guidance and teachings.

Sarkar Najmul Olama Najmul Hasan Taqvi or Najmul Millat Sahib was born on 25th May 1863, 6th ZillHij 1279 Hijri. He was the son of Syed Akbar Husain Taqvi Amrohvi. He was out and out without doubt a charismatic personality in Islamic world of knowledge, he was Faqih of top rank and the guardian of Jamia Nizamia, Lucknow. He was contemporary of Ayatullah Al Uzma Syed Kazim Tabatabai Yazdi, Shaikh Ziauddin Al Iraqi and Aytullah Syed Abul Hasan Isfahani. His world famous disciples are

Janab Molana Hafiz Farman Ali Sahib who translated the Quran in Urdu,

Molana S. Sibt-e-Hasan Naqvi Sahib,Molana S. Mohd. Haroon Sahib,

Molana S. Mohd. Dawood Sahib,Hafiz Kifayat Husain Sahib,

Molana S. Adil Akhtar Sahib,Molana Mufti Jafar Husain Sahib etc.


He left no stone unturned to propagate and create awareness of divine mission of Allah by deputing his trained learned missionaries even in Tibbet, Barma, Africa and western countries.

Son in law of Najmul Millat Sahib was Molana S. Nasir Husain Abidi s/o Molana Jawad Husain Abidi who was also a great authority in Islam philosophy. Father in law of Najmul Millat Sahib was Mofti Mohd. Abbas Shooshtri Al Jazairi s/o Molana Neymatulah Jazairi disciple of Allama Mujlisi Molana S. Mohommad , the author of the book Shariyat-ul-Islam and the founder of MADRASATOL WALZEEN LUCKNOW and Molana Syed Kazim were two sons of Njmul Millat Sahib. Allama S. M. Sadiq Sahib s/o Molana s.Kazim Sahib grand son of Janab Najmul Millat Sahib translated the QURAN Shareef , Nahjul Balagha and Saheefa-e-Kamila in Urdu. Allama Syed. Mohd. Mohsin s/o Molana Syed Kazim Sahib s/o Najmol Millat Sahib composed urdu poetic version of the translation of the Quran. On the other hand Molana Mohd. Razi s/o Molana syed Mohommad Sahib s/o Najmul Millat sahib was a famous aalim and faqih in Pakistan while his broter Molana Zaki preached at Lucknow for the sake of humanity . Meer Anees, Mirza Dabeer , Mirza Ghalib also reversed in Shamsol Olama Janab Najmul Millat Sahib. He has been the light house for generations. All the Amrohvis are proud of him as he was the glittering star of Amroha. He left this world for his divine journey on 18th April 1938 i.e. 17 Safar 1351 Hijri (Friday).

If we see the contribution of Molana Aulad Hasan Saleem Sahib we will find that he was at the top rank of Fiqh (knowledge of rules and regulations of Islamic contribution) during his period he was not only Imam-e-Jamat but treasure of literary and poetic humour. His physical beauties were highly praise worthy. He was adored by all communities because of his infinite saintliness , vigil sensibility and broad mindedness in visions. He was a top Islami Jurist. He was a figure of pride even for his contemporary Aalims. He was the son of Molana Ibadat (first)  who was a great scholar, philosopher of humanity and great Aalim- ba- Amal. Molana Aulad Hasan Sahib s/o Molana Mohd. Ibadat (first) s/o S. Mohd. Nijabat sb. s/o S. Mohd. Shafat Sb. s/o Abdul Wali got the intellectual beauty, literary ability, poetic imagery and musical harmony all along his royal ancestral mansabdari. (Lordship of spacific estate and command of platoon of solders) S. Abdl Wali Amrohvi s/o S. Abdl Jobbar was a famous brave Mansabdar in the period of Shahjahan while S. Abdl Jaled f/o S. Abdul Jabbar and one out of 8 sons of S. M. Mobarak I was a great mansabdar during King Akbar. He had a strong, mascular and huge built. Syed Mohd. Meer Mubarak was the bother of S. Mohd. Meer Adl (chief justice in the court of Akbar but due to oppositions of views in the matter of Deen-e-Ilahi, Akbar sent him to the state of Sindh who was also a royal mansabdar of chahar sadi zaat thee hundred soldiers. S. Meer Abdl Wali coined the name Mohalla Mohd. Shafaat for the sake of his son Syed Mohd. Shafaat . Molana Mohd. Ibadat Sahab was born on 6th February 1911 in a prominent family of Islamic Scholars of Amroha.MOLANA HUSAIN AKHTAR SAHIB (MOLANA IBADAT SAHIB KALEEM ) was lone male child of his parents . His mother was third wife of Molan Aulad Hasan Sahib. His father died when he was of 9 years. There was neither any elder brother nor any real uncle. Janab Haji Mortaza Husain Sahib acceptedhis guardianship like his own son.His early education  was in Noorol Madaris Amroha then he went to Mansabya Meerut for higher studies under the guardianship of  Molana Yosuf Husain Sahib. When Molana Yosuf became dean of Shia Thiology at A.M.U. Aligarh,Molana Ibadat Sahib left MANSABYA and returned to Amroha for a short period.Haji Mortaza Husain Sahib sent him to Nazmia Lucknow for further studies.He lived in Madrasatol Waizeen and studied in Nazmia. In 1932 he came back to Amroha after completion of his education and took the responsibility of Imam-e Juma-o-Jamaat. He died on 22nd October 1989 due to some heart problem.

Kiya gozar jaigi qatray pa gohar honay tak,

Yani onki nigah-e-lotf idhar honay tak.

Molana S.M.Ibadat Kaleem s/o Molana AULAD HASAN Saleem s/o Molana mohammad Hasan (Aalim and Hakeem ) s/o Molana Mohd.Siyadat s/o Molana Mohd Ibadat first s/o Molana S. Mohd. Nijabat s/o Molana S. Mohd. Shafaat s/o Meer S. Abdl Wali s/o Syed Abdul Jabbar s/o S. Abdl Jaleel s/o Meer Syed Mobarak s/o Meer S. Montajib II s/o Syed Chand s/o Syed Baday s/o S. Montajib I s/o Syed Rajay s/o Meer Abdl Azeez younger sonn of Syed Sharafuddin Shahvilayat.


When Molana Mohd. Ibadat Sahib was of only nine years he could get the inspiration and protection under the guardianship of Molana Murtaza Husain Sahib who was the principal of Noorul Madaris  Amroha. IN 1928 Haji Mortaza Husain sent Molana Ibadat Kaleem to Nizamia, Luckow for higher education under the guardianship of Sarkar Najmul Olama Najmul Millat Sahib. Most of the saint sufis specially in India conceived of and preached divine unity, in terms of idealistic monism . The greatest attraction for all the peoples was the well disciplined coordination between the individuals of all communities influenced by the Islamic philosophy of justice and equality for which Amroha then Lucknow were certainly at first in the priority list of social and intellectual values. No doubt Moshafi Amrohvi was the strong bridge between the literary schools of thoughts of Amroha and Lucknow but Jamia Nazmia Lucknow and Mardasol Waizeen Lucknow were the strong pillors of divine unity, social integrity and Islamic philosophy. Acholars , saints,generals and statesmen were attracted by Amroha and Lucknow  as iron fillings by magnet.

20th century was started with multidimentional exposure of poetic talent. Montazir Amrohvi, Molana Naseem Hasan Hilal and Allama Shafique Hasan Ailiya and other prominent socio-spiritual philosophers followed and reformed the harmony of 19th century. Janab Abdul Raof Amrohvi, Janab Saifi Amrohvi,Hakeem Kalb-e-Ali Sahib, Janab Mohammad Mehdi Raise Amrohvi, Janab Mokhtar Husain Taban Amrohvi ( Editor of NIDA-E-HIND newspaper) and Naseem Amrohvi Sahib decorated the poetry by more and more  more value oriented aspects. Jon Ailiya Sahib Jon Amrohvi adored the poetry by inserting more direct and philosophical depth to the composition. As 20th century was the golden period of poetry for Amroha, no poetic skill could be left unused to its all possible stretch. Molana Husain Akhtar Sahib (Molana Ibadat Kaleem) was the great architect of not only Islamic character of society but of socio-intellectual bondings through the strong threads of his powerful poetry and harmonic balance in components of 20th century society.

“Ai kash kay hasil rahe mojhko ye fazilat,

Ta zeest bora chahne walon se nibahon.







He was a great a great Islamic scholar literary philosopher and a fantastic craftsman of poetry who used all the shades and colours of human- behaviour in his poetry. His sharp and vigil sense of words, is the ornamental beauty of his poetry, See a couplet –







Have hope, do not loose ambition, there is always the next day created by the Almighty God Who is the savior of the entire universe. Do not be disheartened when the promises that have held you, are wrecked in the skies. Hold tightly the rope of patience for the sake of Day of Judgment when we will see all the records of our deeds. Come forward and fly in the skies with your moral and intellectual strength.

Don’t despair even for a moment when tempests rage and your frail ambition is battered to pieces. Don’t despair if it is dark and the steps are slippery. Remember the light is somewhere around you knocking the threshold of bright future.

Don’t forget that there is the savior of the universe. Don’t forget that even the black magic of devils cannot blow out the candle that burns without fear protected by the Almighty Savior. No doubt the white fringed rollers may obscure the horizon and churn the clouds of foam but the sun is sure to be born and the next day is never far away .


Syed Kaleem Sibtain Naqvi

“Not gold, but only men can make
A people great and strong-
Men who, for truth and honour’sake
Stand fast and suffer long.
Brave men who work while other sleep,
Who dare while others fly,
They build a natiion’s pillars deep,
And them to the sky”……………………….(R. W. Emerson)


Undivided India or BHARAT has the honor to welcome and follow the precious teachings of World’s pioneers of non-violence, like GAUTAM BUDDHA, MAHAVEER, ASHOKA ETC. but also that of HZ. MOHAMMAD MOSTAFA ( S.W.) and Hz. IMAM HUSAIN (A.S.) then-after the other godly-men.

MAHATMA GANDHI, the Father of The Nation, was highly inspired by non-violence and sacrifice of HZ. IMAM HUSAIN to establish the HUMANITY in the world. He got the greatest power of non-violence and sacrifice from the un-comparable source of such energy- HZ.IMAM HUSAIN , and acquiring it ,he could get success to gather the peoples of the same ideology together becoming a strong NON-VIOLENT POWER to set free the country from the torment of shackles of British-slavery. So, the followers of the ultimate – ideals of our ideal godly-men get the divine powers to bring about prosperity and honor to the nation and such followers provided reinforcement to the humanity.

SYED SHARAFUDDIN SHAHVILAYAT SAHIB was also one of such pillars of AMROHA who never danced to the tunes that were played by his contemporary tyrannical rulers. He was such an amazing source of non-violence that even the poisonous scorpions do not sting the peoples within the area of his DARGAH and if the snake bites some-one in this area, it’s sacs of venom do not send poisonous matter through its fangs, means,-



Syed Sharafuddin Shahvilayat sahib was born in SAHODARA near Lahore in 1252 A.D. and reached AMROHA on 2nd ZILHIJ, 1269 A.D. in the age of 17 years and left this world for everlasting life of heavens on 21st RAJAB, 1382 A.D., so if we deeply go through the metamorphosis of the period, we will find that the entire life of Shahvilayat Sahib acknowledged three dynasties of SALTANATES out of five Sultanate Dynasties ruled in UNDIVIDED INDIA STARTING FROM 12O6 TO 1526 before the battle of PANIPAT in which BABER defeated and killed the LAST SULTAN IBRAHIM LODI on April 20th 1526. That was the time when a number of drastic changes occurred in the entire network of our political, economical and social affairs and values. SYED MOHAMMAD ASHRAF TAQVI was given the title of DANISHMAND by the MOGHAL EMPEROR BABER. Most probably the mosque of Mohalla Shaikh Saddo which is now almost a deserted structure was also built by the instructions of BABER near the raised centre of town Amroha.


How can the contribution of such a great scholar descendant of Hz. Imam Mohammad Taqi be neglected who came to INDIA during the Emperor Baber’s rule from SUBZWAR and first settled in ZAIDPUR near Amroha but the strong spiritual force of attraction of AMROHA brought him to Amroha where the area of present DANISHMANDAN is there. He was the man of powerful intellect to put the knowledge and intelligence quickly to practical use in life. He promoted the awareness in the society that intellectuality must be the part and parcel of our practical life and mare intelligence is ineffective to achieve the aim of life. It looks that the world today has come in the state of chaos due to perversion in human development where all intelligence is there but no intellect which is obviously visible everywhere. Now we can see that even highly educated persons are not in perfect equilibrium, either they are short tempered, succumb to worry and anxiety or are involved in other extravagances. SYED MOHAMMAD ASHRAF TAQVI SAHIB was so much intellectually intelligent that the MOGHAL EMPEROR BABER honored him the title “DANISHMAND’’ and so the area where he settled in Amroha was called as DANISDMANDAN. Now his descendants have been proving the meaning of the title by getting the world-wide fame by their intellectual contribution not only in literary field but also in all the other sphere of life in INDIA and abroad.


Now again I am coming to the historical background , I would like here to produce a clear picture of Sultanates ruling in India, around the period of Syed Sharafuddin Shahvilayat Sahib and other contemporary learned saints who adored AMROHA, which affected the culture and traditions at a large scale witnessed by our ancestors and now as a matter of fact we have a vast treasure of our healthy heritage and no doubt, we, all INDIANS have the honor of possessing our most worthy ancient values that have been inspiring the developed and advanced countries for a long time.

MOHAMMAD OF GHOR invaded the INDO-GANGETIC PLAIN during the last quarter of 12th century and conquered – GHAZNI, SINDH, MULTAN, LAHORE and DELHI and the GHORI KUAN at Amroha is one of the witnesses of his regime.

QUTBUDDIN AYBAK a slave of Mohd. Of Ghor proclaimed himself SULTAN OF DELHI in 1206 A.D., which was the beginning of SULTANATE DYNASTIES in INDIA. >>>,then in the beginning of 13th century, a former slave warrior SHAMSUDDIN ILTUMISH became SULTAN OF DELHI from 1211 to 1236 A.D. and after ILTUMISH, his daughter RAZIYA ruled as SULTAN .

Anyway, after RAZIYA SULTAN, GHIYASUDDIN BALBAN, the slave servant of QUTBUDDIN AYBAK became officially SULTAN OF DELHI for the period 1266 to 1290 A.D.


Before the first battle of Panipat in which BABER invaded INDIA defeating and killing ABRAHIM LODI on April 20th 1526,there were FIVE DYNASTUES OF SULTANATES and their rulers were called as SULTANS. Syed Sharafuddin Shahvilayat Sahib reached Amroha nearly 270 years earlier than the invasion of Emperor Baber ( 1ST MOGHAL MONARCH).

FIRST DYNASTY (SLAVES) [1206-1290];-

The first dynasty was SLAVE DYNASTY that was in power in INDIA from 1206 to1290 A.D. When Syed Sharafuddin Shahvilayat Sahib reached AMROHA in 1269 A.D., the Sultan from Slave Dynasty ruling in INDIA was GHIYASUDDIN BALBAN whose grave is in Mahroli near Qutab Minar ,was in power from 1266 to1290 A.D.

During 1290 A.D. the slave dynasty came to its’ end with the end of SULTAN KAY QUBADH. SYED SHARAFUDDIN SHAHVILAYAT SAHIB reached AMROHA on second Zilhij 1269 A.D. when the LAST FEEBLE SLAVE KING, SULTAN KAY QUBADH was in power for a very short duration and soon disappeared in the fiasco of melting situations to snatch the treasures of Greater India .


The second Dynasty of KHILJIES captured the ruling power from SULTAN BALBAN in 1290 A.D. and the rule of Khilji Dynasty was finished in 1320 A.D. with the beginning of the third Muslim Dynasty 0f TUGHLAQS. SYED SHARAFUDDIN SHAHVILAYAT SAHIB was a divine saint so had no links with Sultans of any dynasty while he reached Amroha in 1269 A.D. during the regime of 1st DYNASTY OF slaves.

JALALUDDIN FIROZ KHILJI came in power as SULTAN OF DELHI with the downfall of SLAVE DYNASTY, so, started the KHILJI DYNASTY in the same year 1290 A.D. but all these were immaterial for SHARAFUDDIN SHAHVILAYAT SAHIB. FIROZ KHILJI was already an elderly and unpopular Sultan due to closeness of his tribe to the nomadic Afghans. He was unable even to dare to enter his capital because BALBAN’S officers were against him so they revolted.ALI GURSHAP, his nephew and son in law murdered him by the order of his father when he returned in 1296 A.D. successfully repelling two invasions from the MONGOLS.

Ali Gurshap reined for 20 years with the title ALAUDDIN KHILJI ALI GURSHAP (1296 TO 1316 A.D.). He died in early 1316 A.D. The LAST KHILJI SULTAN, Qutbuddin Mubarak Shah Khilji came in power and murdered in 1320 A.D. by his own Chief Minister KHUSRAW KHAN. GHIYASUDDIN TUGHLAQ SHAH -I (1321-1325) The first Sultan of Turkic Tughlaq Dynasty replased KHUSRAW KHAN in the beginning of 1321 A.D. while in Malwas , the ruling house of Khiljis ruled for some time as a remnant token of sultanate. He ruled from 1321 to 1325 A.D. and then MOHAMMAD SHAH –II (1325 to 1351 A.D.) and then MAHMOD IBN-MOHAMMAD (for a month of Mach 1351 A.D.).


TUGHLAQ DYNASTY remained in power for the longest period in all the five dynasties from 1320 to 1413 A.D., so SYED SHARAFUDDIN SHAHVILAYAT SAHIB was also beholding the regimes of GHIYASUDDIN TUGHLAQ –I, from 1321 to 1325 A.D.,MOHAMMAD SHAH TUGHLAQ-II from 1325 to1351, MAHMOD IBN-MOHAMMAD-for March 1351 only and then SULTAN FIROZ SHAH TOGHLAQ got the power to rule INDIA from 1351 to 1388 A.D.

The most talented Tughlaq SULTAN, FIROZ SHAH TUGHLAQ became the ruler in 1351A.D.and successfully ruled for about 38 years till 1388 A.D. ,GHIYASUDDIN TUGHLAQ II(1388-1389) and SULTAN NUSRAT SHAH ,grandson of Firoz shah Tughlaq, ruled the West from Firozabad till 1413 A.D. SYED SHARAFUDDIN SHAHVILAYAT SAHIB PEER PAHARI left this perishable world on 21st Rajab 1382 A.D.(783 Hijri) at Amroha leaving behind his descendants with his divine mission of humanity who carried it on unaffected of the political transition .After 32 years of his death SAYYIDS’DYNASTY came in power in1414 A.D. and the founder SULTAN of this Dynasty was KHIZAR KHAN who claimed to be a descendent of Prophet Mohammad(S.A.W. ).


It was the period after the death of Syed Sharafuddin Shahvilayat when Sayyid Sultans ruled for more than 37 years. As described above KHIZAR KHAN was the first SYED ruler in India who collaborated with TIMUR during his invasion on INDIA. After the successful invasion of TIMUR on INDIA, TIMUR rewarded Khizr Khan the GOVERNORSHIP of Lahore, Multan and Dipalpur because DAULAT KHAN LODI and KHIZAR KHAN both were attempting to occupy the throne of DELHI after the death of the last TUGHLAQ RULER MOHAMMAD SHAH in 1412 A.D. and KHIZAR KHAN won the battle with the help of TIMUR, so he preferred to rule in the name of TIMUR and his successor SHAH RUKH. He did not pronounce him as Sultan Khizar Khan even after the departure of Timur. As a result of Timur’s invasion and continuous wars for succession among the successors of FIROZ SHAH TUGHLAQ, a number of states and provinces of the Sultanate of DELHI declared their independence and KHIZAR KHAN’S Sultanate was reduced to SINDH, WESTERN PUNJAB and WESTERN UTTAR PRADESH. He died a natural death on 20th May1421 A.D.

SULTAN MUBARIK SHAH was the son of Khizar Khan so after the death of his father he became the ruler of DELHI SULTANATE and he declared him as SULTAN MUBARIK SHAH. It was the time when the entire Sultanate was boiling by political and social turmoil due to revolts all around him that could not be controlled and two accomplices of his Wazir, SARWAUL MULK ,killed him on 19th Feb.1434 A. D.

SULTAN MUHAMMAD SHAH-IV who was the nephew of Mubarik Shah ruled the Sultanate of Delhi from 1435 to 1445 but still the situation of the SULTANATE was not favourable , so the political instability was overcastting the SULTANATE.

SULTAN ALAUDDIN ALAM SHAH who was the son of SULTAN MUHAMMAD SHAH ruled from 1445 to 1451 A.D.but he was also marked by political instability. Internal and external revolts were increasing, the ruling power was decreasing due to disintegration of different states and provinces as a result of failures of SULTANS which reduced the ruling territories within the distance of mere ten miles from DELHI to PALAM and the SULTANATE OF DELHI was occupied by LODHI DYNASTY established by Bahlul lodhi in 1451 A.D.

The description of SULTANATES and MONARCHIES is necessary here to be given because AMROHA was always active to serve in all of the fields of literature ,culture and life skills to create healthy bonding between all the peoples to strengthen the humanity in the world .

FIFTH DYNASTY (1451-1526)[LODIS]:-

BAHLUL LODHI(1451-1489 A.D.),SIKANDER LODHI(1489-1517A.D.) and IBRAHIM LODHI(1517-1526 A.D.) SULTANS ruled the DELHI SULTANATE.IBRAHIM LODHI died on 21st April, 1526 who presided over much of INDIA but his own AFGHAN nobility invited BABUR OF KABUL to invade INDIA.

IBRAHIM LODHI died in the BATTLE OF PANIPAT on 20th April1526 A.D., so the rule of MUGHALS RULE started in 1526 to 1540 and then after it from 1540 to 1555 A.D.SURI ruled (SHER SHAH SURI, ISLAM SHAH SURI,MUHAMMAD SURI,FIROZ SURI IBRAHIM SURI and SIKANDERSHAH SURI).Until all these transitional political and social scenarios AMROHA had established its’ intellectual and spiritual rank at the high standard of values by the grace of the GOD through proper channels of divine power. Moghal Monarchy started on April 21st,1526 and ended on June 1858 A.D. NEARLY FOR THREE CENTURIES started with BABUR of FERGANA or present Uzbekistan and ended with the last Moghal Emperor BAHADUR SHAH (ZAFAR)-II. Though, the changing scenario was effective in the entire world, yet AMROHA had been simultaneously enriching the real values of HUMANITY producing the prominent figures who became the lighthouses for creating the literary and social merits in the world.

We are proud of literary, social and intellectual heritage of AMROHA for which innumerable witnesses are still present in the history of Amroha. The past living witnesses have also been expressed in the previous two chapters but as such inspiring personalities were uncountable so the justification requires to get the honour to pay our earnest homage to such charismatic figures. Not only the AMROHI people are highly obliged but the entire literary world is thankful to MEER SYED ISMAIL AMROHI (1105 A.D.), SYED SAADAT ALI SAADAT,SHAH AALAM MAHZON,NIJABAT ALI NIJABAT,GHULAM ALI HUSAINI, NAJEEB UDDIN SAFDAR AND GHULAM HAMADANI MOS HAFI AMROHI during the 12th century.

If we see the pedigree analysis of literary contribution of AMROHA onwards 13th century ,we find JANAB SIRAJUDDIN SIRAJ AMROHI,TAPISH, MOJIZ, RIYAZUL HASAN NIKHAT, ABULHASAN FORQATI , VALI and HAIDER HUSAIN YAKTA AMROHI who promoted the literary culture for making the strong bonding among all the peoples of the world.

During 14th century, Amroha provided its’ revolutionary reinforcement to the culture and literature .The great scholar ALLAMA SHAFIQ HASAN AILIA,MOLVI NASEEM HASAN HILAL and NASEEM AMROHI were the witnesses of the promotion of the literature.With the high and low tides ,mechanization and renascence of the world ,Amroha was also marching shoulder to shoulder in all the fields but the moral values were the dominating factor to shape the society. The centuries were becoming the witness of AMROHA’S CONTRIBUTION to develop the nation of qualities and slowly we entered in 20th century in which AMROHA HAS ITS’ PROMINENT POSITION in all of the fields .

19th century was marvelous for literary awareness of AMROHIS’. JANAB SHAMIM AMROHI, HAFIZ AMROHI,BIRJIS AMROHI ,ZIYA AMROHI, TAMKEEN AMROHI ,SAFI AMROHI,YATEEM ,TOOBA AMROHI,MOZTAR AMROHI ,RAZA HASAN RAZA AMROHI,ZAKI AMROHI,KALEEM AMROHI ,MADINA AMROHI, ANEES HASAN HILAL AMROHI etc. were providing the literature to the society. SYED AAL-E-AHMAD NAIM AMROHI composed not only the rich poetry in Urdu but also in Persion and it looks that his style was highly influenced by MIRZA DABEER .

Chehakta hon sada golzar-e-zahra-o-Mohammad main,
Misal-e-bolbol-e-sodah gulafshan hai zaban mairi,
Ali Allah ka banda hai monkir iska kafir hai,
Main banda hoon Ali ka bund hai aagay zoban mairi
Naim-e-zar ko maula Najuf main yad kart-e hain,
Vaheen darbar main ja kar thamain gi hichkiyan mairi.

Ali ka nam bhi nam-e- khoda kiya rahat-e-jan hai,
Asa-e-peer hai taigh-e-jawan hai hirz-e-tiflan hai.
(Syed Aal-e- Ahmad Naim Amrohi)

JANAB KAMIL AMROHI ,MANZAR AMROHI,SIKANDER HUSAIN FAHEEM AMROHI,SADEQAIN AMROHI , MOLVI SAFI MORTAZA SAHIB,MOLVI IBADAT SAHIB KALEEM AMROHI and their contemporary scholars provided the reinforcement to the progressive attitude of the society. They ALL ARE THE BRIGHT SHINING STARS OF AMROHA who made Amroha the land of excellent status in the world of literature.We are also proud of MASTER RAUF AMROHI,RAIS AMROHI,HIYAT AMROHI,MAHSHAR AMROHI,RAGHUBEER SARAN DIVAKAR RAHI,PURWAZ AMROHI AND PRESENTLY the same responsibility has been carried forward with healthy texture by a number of well versed, witty literary personalities having treasure of abilities. No doubt DR.MANZAR ABBAS NAQVI ,,JANAB AZEEM AMROHI,JANAB SAIFI AMROHI,JANAB NASHIR AMROHI and many more are the pride of AMROHA who have not only been serving for the best possible beautification of literature but also for the uplift of the society and now nobody can hesitate to say that AMROHA IS STILL THE ISLE OF ALL THE BEAUTIES.

Lives of great men all remind us
We can make our lives sublime,
And departing leaves behind us
Footprint on the sand of time-
Footprints that perhaps another,
Sailing o’er life’s solemn main,
Aforlorn and shipwrecked brother,
Seeing shall take heart again…….(H.W.LONGFELLOW)


S.Kaleem Sibtain Naqvi

Dear Readers ,

I am sorry for this belated publication of the second tale of the BLESSED ISLAND AMROHA that was completely printed a fortnight ago but I committed a little mistake to click the keys, no doubt, all of our high tech machinery is the gift of the GOD invented by great efforts of our scientists but it has no soul and it knows no feelings of any person, so with a twinkle of eye the entire AMRO-TALE NO.2 was vanished from the file and…….

Ek lumha tarap ke pighal gaya yaron,
Jais -e main suraj nigal gaya yaron.

It saddened me a lot for some time because except the data I did not write the structure of its’ dossier by hand but “there is always the next time’’ ,so in my view the present form of Amro-Tale No.2 is not the perfect image of the vanished composition but as it was not the dream picture of Coleridge’s Kubla Khan placing before us pleasure-dome, deep rivers, ’caverns measureless to man’, the realities have their own influence, so I tried my best to maintain the same depth and gravity in the text of the chapter remembering the couplet of a poet which I think as an important process in the life of the pilgrims to approach the ultimate real destination-

‘’Ye kiya ke chalte gaye aur aagayi manzil,
Lagen na do char thokren tou safar kiya.’’

So I am again enjoying to write the well known realities of Jazeera-e-taharat Amroha to high light some of its’ distinguished features and hope the honorable readers will give their worthy remarks for the sake of further refinement.



Amroha is the name of that prominent land which has its’ significant role in strengthening the interpersonal relationships between all the communities to protect the pretty socio-moral values even in the period of deteriorating transition of the status due to Zamindari Abolition and lack of up to the mark knowledge of the demand of the time in changing political and economical environment. It is that great land which has always shown its’ brilliant power of qualities not only in the field of divine philosophy and spirituality but also in the field of multi- dimensional creativity and could establish its’ not only Literary excellence but it has the honor to produce innumerable glittering stars of the country for the global nation from the deep oceans to the heavens in the space who are the pride of entire human community of the word. There has been a curious sensitiveness in the soul of the land to understand the tendencies of the time to face the high and low tides for the sake of socio- economical and political uplift of the people of this blessed land while the Amrohies faced some adverse period too but never got demoralized and never lost their patience. The best source that provided them the power of contentment was their firm faith in the LORD OF HEAVENS AND THE EARTH. Not only the original Amrohies feel it pride to be of AMROHA but the peoples from some other places also think it as the blessings of the God to have links with Amroha.

Perhaps they verify the statement of MIRZA GHALIB that- “Qatra dariya me jo mil ja-e to dariya ho ja-e”.


Jaub ishq sikhata hai andaz – e – khodagaahi ,
Khult-e hain gholamo pur asrar-e-shahanshahi…………….(Allama Iqbal)

Whenever I quote any couplet of Allama Iqbal,I remember the deep aesthetic prowess of H’able DR.MANZAR ABBAS Sahib,A.M.U.Aligarh,who explained this whole poem in a MUJLIS by all the angles concluding the extract of the soul of the lesson which Allma Iqbal wanted to communicate to follow the path of devoted love for ALLAH but I think that I am unable to create the same marvelous state of consciousness of mind that was created by Dr.Manzar Abbas Sahib with its’ justified gravity but as for as I concern with this couplet,I am trying to repeat a little of his perfect explanation in the context of the saintity of AMROHA asThe divine treasures are always opened for the pilgrims following the true path of ONE UNITY HAVING NO SECOND and for them, who show non cooperation with the Satanic violence and maintain the humanity on the earth, they have all the powers but they use them for the betterment of the others and they selflessly help to save the life of even the small creatures, they avoid the luxuries for their owns, they feel royal comfort in the struggle to establish an excellent social network of humanity. Amroha, in the lap of the sacred river Ganges is one of such God blessed places, where due respect is given to all the creatures of God, even the stray- dogs are not abused by vulgar words but are restricted with the words-“Adub adub”So, anybody can imagine the real tendency of humanity and a beautiful value system that was existing in this small piece of land in Himalayan planes which is still found in the present period of hard competition for more and more successful future.

The people who follow the rule of All Merciful and All Powerful God have most vital faith in reality of unseen existence and the divine authoritative commandments guide them the righteous way and they establish the real prayers and glorify the unlimited blessings and spend out of what they possess, in the name of the Lord of the Worlds. Such people get the mysterious energies from the God and become the light-houses in the ocean of darkness.And the Creator of the universe loves such charismatic personalities. By the grace of the God, this piece of the land’ AMROHA’ has the honor of this pride that extraordinary personalities loved to live and pray here to Almighty God. The Island of Hospitality AMROHA has a strong vital faith in the LORD OF ALL THE WORLDS and in His authoritative commandments given through His chosen messengers. About belief in the God, SHELLEY, whose pamphlet- THE REVOLT OF ISLAM having twelve cantos in Spensarian stanzas were revolutionary in their style and who believed that “A thing of Beauty is a joy, for- ever .“ I think this joy he could find in the pious love and worship of ALMIGHTY God as he says in the following lines of his poem Adonais –

“That Light whose smile kindles the universe,
That Beauty in which all things work and move,
That Benediction which the eclipsing curse
Of birth can quench not, that sustaining love
Which through the web of being blindly wove
By man and beast and earth and air and sea.’’(Shelley)

Amroha is the place which was preferred not only by the great spiritual saint SYED SHARAFUDDIN SHAH VILAYAT PEER PAHARI 10th progeny of Hz. Imam Ali Naqi(a.s) but a number of such godly saints loved Amroha, and Amroha not only accepted them but also provided the fertile grounds for the prosperous propagation of their spiritualism for the salvation from the sins.

MOULANA SYED SHAH NASRUDDIN GHAZI CHISTI ,another powerful saint from the ancestry of Hz. Imam Zainol Abideen came to Amroha a few years earlier than Shahvilayat Sahib who had equally brightened Amroha with the divinity of ALLAH and AHLEBAYAT.No doubt ,it was certainly the divine attraction of the Salvation Isle Amroha that during the regime of Emperor Baber, SYED MOHAMMAD ASHRAF TAQVI DANISHMAND liked it settle here.He was highly intellectual ,well-versed and witty scholar of the Moghal court of Emperor Baber. The famous Hindi poet GHULAM ALI RASKHAN was also from the great land of spiritual distinctions Amroha in Himaliyan planes.

“BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGATHER”, so BHOORE KHAN SHAHEED whose tomb is at a distance of nearly half furlong from railway station Amroha along the railway track and SHAH ABBAN SAHIB whose KHANQAH is near GOVERNMENT INTER COLLEGE,AMROHA were also the prominent saints who loved AMROHA and provided their socio-spiritual inspirations for strengthening the humanity. GARH MOKTI ISHWAR and BASU DEV, are still prominent as the proof of the greatness of the land of Amroha where love is the binding force between all the communities making a specialized unit of a beautiful co-existance and (bahumdillah), we all are proud of it, may ALMIGHTY GOD sustain it forever (Ameen!). The number of the godly men who loved and arrived Amroha to settle for their meditation is long enough but all of them are not mentioned here because the work in this direction has been going on that will be inshallah published in future.(Ameen )!


It is the route of the journey of MEERAN SYED ALI BAZORG HUSAIN WASTI , father of SYED SHARAFUDDIN SHAHVILAYAT SAHIB from IRAQ to (AMROHA- KUMAUN –AMROHA) with his caravan that can be shortly expressed as follows-

WAST (IRAQ) }>>>>….to….>>>>>{ IRAQ’S other cities }>>>>>….to….>>>>>{ SAHODARA( near Lahore along river Sindh) , the birth place of Syed Sharfuddin Shahvilayat Sahib,born in 1252 A.D. (653 hIJRI}>>>>>…..to….>>>>>{ MOLTAN(Punjab),the parental place of the wife of Meeran Syed Ali Bazorg }>>>>>….to….>>>>> {MORSHIDABAD(Bihar)}>>>>>…. to….>>>>> {MEERAN SARAI (near Amroha), the place where Meeran S. Ali Bazorg died}………………………………… A few years later Sharfuddin Shahvilayat Sb. left Meeran Sarai and shifted to AMROHA on 2nd Zilhij 670 Hijri(1269 A.D.), an excellently green area having dense MANGO- ORCHARDS. He also used to live in a cave of KUMAUN HILLS for meditation >>>>>>>>>>>>>DATE AND PLACE OF DEATH OF SYED SHARAFUDDIN SHAHVILAYAT SAHIB-21st Rajab 783 Hijri(1382 A.D.) in the age of 130 years at AMROHA.

The godly saints never forget to follow the LORD of heavens and earth and all that lies b
etween them and are always rewarded by spiritual powers and become the lighthouses in the ocean of darkness and their lone aspiration of life becomes the inculcation of HUMANITY’ amongst the peoples of different streams and they find the mysterious miracles of Almighty God within their-selves-

“Tera wajood khod hee muzhar -e- ilahi hai,
Khodhi se bahur jahan me khuda talash na kar.” …………(Allama Iqbal)

Due to political turmoil in IRAQ the caravan of Meeran Syed Ali Bazorg Husain Wasti went to several cities in IRAQ but when could not find suitable place in Iraq and the destiny decided by the God made their minds to migrate towards BHARAT,they reached SAHODARA near Lahore along the river Sindh .During the stay in SAHODARA,Sharafuddin Shahvilayat Sahib was born in 1252A.D.(653 Hijri) then they went to Moltan which was the parental place of the wife of Meeran Syes Ali Bazorg Husain Wasti but staying there for a short period ,the caravan departed towards Morshidabad in Bihar which was also not of their liking so they extended their journey in the direction of Amroha and reached a place near Amroha which was given the name as Meeran Sarai after the death of Meeran Syed Ali Bazorg Husain Wasti where this saint of great values said goodbye to the materialistic world for the journey to the heaven,so his grave is at that place near Amroha.

When Syed Sharafuddin Sahib was nearly seventeen years old, he left Meeran Sarai and reached Amroha on second Zilhij, 670 Hijri (1269 A.D.) after the death of his father during the rule of GHIYASUDDIN BALBAN(1266-1290 A.D.).He preferred AMROHA and KUMAUN HILLS’ CAVE for his divine meditation and spiritual acknowledgement where his next generations collectively inhabited in the area of present

Mohalla Shahvilayat, Naugaza, Mollana, Satthi,Haqqani and Mohalla Panchdara but slowly they shifted to different places during the long course of time.He provided his spirituality to Amroha from the period of GHIYASUDDIN BALBAN(1266-1290) to THE SECOND SULTANATE DYNASTY,KHILJI DYNASTY(1290-1320)” to TUGHLAQ DYNASTY(1320-1413) during the Sultanates of GHIYASUDDIN TUGHLAQ-1 (1321-1325), MOHAMMAD SHAH TUGHLAQ- II(1325-1351) to FIROZ SHAH TUGHLAQ(1351-1388) but the GREAT SAINT OF HUMANITY SYED SHARAFUDDIN SHAHVILAYAT SAHIB left this world for the everlasting divine world on 21st RAJAB,1382 A.D.(783 HIJRI) during the regime of FIROZ SHAH TUGHLAQ.

Innalillah-e-wo inna ilahe rajaion.




S.Kaleem Sibtain Naqvi

AMROHA , which was , no doubt ,the jazeera-e-taharat for all , needs no introduction but my emotions compelled me to represent it’s portrait in the form of Socio-spiritual Amro-Tales printed in my heart and soul. By the grace of Allah I could give the structure to my inspiration in five chapters of the Amro-Tales under the most appropriate title –‘’Jazeera- e –Taharat- Amroha ‘’ as Amro-Tale-1,2,3,4 and 5 and I hope to publish them as early as possible in the convenient installments with the help of precious comments and suggestions of the readers who have always provided reinforcement to carry out the task . May God help me to represent this beautiful portrait of Amroha . [Ameen!]



Amroha is the name of that innocent piece of land which was not less than a heaven on the earth where the heart – beats were to win the heartiest blessings of each other in all the communities .IT IS THE KOH-E-TOOR OF INDIA where all the senses become able to recognizably realize the invisible divine power of the Lord of heavens and the earth and all in between them that once guided to Hz.Moosa Kaleemullah to preach the path of righteousness to the nation for establishing the truth and discarding the evils .Such small but spiritually prosperous and pleasant land is undoubtedly the mother of peace and comfort for all the communities maintaining it’s, almost natural and healthy ecosystem. It is such a DISTINGUISHED LAND where the peoples and their qualities can be introduced very easily ,if a single suffix –AMROHI is attached with their names.



AMROHA is the witness of different civilizations starting from about 500 B.C. Geo-graphical location of Amroha is excellently favourable for most of the forms of life creating a bio-friendly environment for all the creatures. It is a plane area in the prosperous lap of Himaliyan belt of KUMAON and the sacred river GANGES having ample of natural resources. The extra-ordinary qualities of the innocent island have been always attracting the peoples of the world and they feel proud if they have the links with Amroha.


Nothing in the universe is without any force ,even the tiniest particle has its influence over the co –existing objects. The reason of the qualities of this pleasant place maybe it’s devotion to the Almighty God ,Prophet Mohammad and his Ahlebet because the numeric value of the word Amroha and that of Karbala is same in the science of numerology. And Karbala is the symbol of victory of divine truth over evils thereby Karbala has become the divine university of Humanity for entire Ashraful Makhloqaat with the sacrifice of Imam Husain as the substitute of the postponed sacrifice of Hz. Ismael. This resemblance maybe the reason , which made Amroha a prominent place of peace and humanity.


The fact of the matter is that Amroha was ,as the FOUNTAUN OF SWEET AND SOFT WATER IN THE SALINE OCEAN which once upon a time attracted the people before Christ and the township came in existence. It is said that a king Amer Jodha loved this place very much and he started the township here , so the name of this place had become Amarjodha that was transformed as Amroha.
The origin of the word Amroha may be deep rooted in the Sanskrit language because the ancient Bharat [Hindostan] was highly influenced by the Vedic Sermons having revelations of one God , life and death basic philosophy of life in VEDIC PERIOD was concerned with PARAM ATMA (ALLAH), AATMA and the PRAKRITI(NATURE), so the names were mostly given on the prakriti(nature) of the object.
The name Amroha might be derived from AMRVANAH as symbolic for forest of mango in respect of the nature. Certainly it would be the scientific – approach of the vedic period . More-over , religion and the science have always been considered to be twin sisters not only in ISLAM but in all the religions, so the name AMROHA would have been considered as the best one in all respects. In this way ,we see , during the long course of time Amrvanah would have been change in the form of Amroha.

The another possibility behind the name of AMROHA ,which is also related with the nature, is also equally genuine that it may be the combination of Aam and Rohu (the name of a species of fish) as Aamrohu telling the important natural gifts given by the God to this land and it might be converted as Amroha.
During the period of SHAH JAHAN it was also called as AAMBROHA in it’s Persian version due to the common use of Persian and Arabic languages by the advancement of different rulers in India. Anyway whatsoever be the reason of the name Amroha, we know only that it is that pious land which could not be contaminated even by any satanic volunteer .It is pretty incomprehensible to express it’s positive powerful influence on the peoples and we feel us privileged having the strong bonding with this excellent land of SALVATION -AMROHA where most of the positive energies are induced in our bodies
by the inspiring nature of the land.

Amroha wo jageh hai jahan sharf shahon ne paya hai,
Jazeera-e-taharat hai kaleem, AHMAD ka saya hai.

To be continued-