(S.Kaleem Sibtain Naqvi)



There are three invisible features of the spirit of bringing about the reformation in the human beings -Love, Truth and righteousness which induce the enthusiasm for free exploration in the theme of the aim life to make a healthy society of the peoples.

The Al mighty God, Paramatma or Allah when created the universe there was no man ,no community, no religion and no language but was a divine mission around which He wanted the entire creation moves. So all of the visible and invisible perafernelia was created for the sake of foremost event of the creation of the unity of entire divine energies (noor) even before the creation of any matter. Then after Almighty God created the universe, man & communities and the languages came in existence.

The single mission behind the creation of foremost event was to let the people understand and respect the relation between the Creator and created which was called by different names in different languages in different groups of people in different eras while the lone theme of this relation was everlasting humanity for which the Creator send 1,24,000 divine messengers in all parts of the worlds leaving no space without His preachers.

Up to 7th century A.D. Arabia, the largest peninsula of the world was specially a dreadful arid desert- flotsam of most uncivilized homeless, variant idolatrous tribes as it was before the construction of Kaaba by Abraham and Ismaeel who gave the lessons of the same humanity to the people as the earlier messengers of Almighty God gave but Arabs ever discarded the Almighty God and His messengers. In the absolute darkness of illiteracy, hypocrisy & barbarism. The satanic evil spirits had pushed them into the valley of sins. Their superstition was not ready to say goodbye to their hostile and inhumane lifestyle and to accept the divine philosophy of humanity.

After a series of divine messengers, the Creator of the universe sent His foremost unity of entire divine energies in the form of Mohammad, the ultimate source of humanity and the excellent preacher of divine mission explaining the honor and glory of the relationship between Creator and created.

Hz Mohommad did know that the umbrella was of no avail anoints the thunderstorm of Arabian horrid fauxpas but he promised to make a society having high moral and spiritual values following the ideology of humanity by leaving no stone unturned for all-round upliftment of the people.

He was the son of Abdullah and Aamina bint-e-wahab and grand son of Abdul Muttalib.

He was born on 20th April 569 A.D. (17th Rabi-ul-avval) in Mecca (province Hijaz) sometime after the death of his father Abdullah.

Lady Halima Sadia requested his grand father and mother to give her the honors to look after him at her poor but disciplined rural residence to provide him healthy environment where day by day he grew up faster then others and when he was of 5 years Lady Halima brought him back to his mother as promised while he was more than her own son and daughter Sheema who immensely loved him. He married with Lady Kadija of 40 years when he was 25. On Khadija’s proposal who was a widow of a famous businessman and the daughter of a Christian learned couple. She was an excellent amalgamation of beauty and moral. Hz Mohammad died on 11th June 632 A.D. (28th Safar 11th Hijri) due to slow poison given by some enemy after the death of his wife and Uncle Abu Talib who was his guardian. There were 9 uncles of Hz. Mohammad in which Hz Abu Talib and Hz. Hamza were quite decent persons while Abu Leheb and Abu Jehel were most turbulent and hostile satanic figures who wanted to kill HZ. Mohommad.

Hazrat Mohammad was the central pivot of the mission of Almighty Creator. He was His last messenger and the greatest reformer of the worst barbarian Arabs.

Hz. Mohammad practically inculvated the theme of the aim of life and religion of humanity not only in the hearts of most uncivilized uncultured and untutored sinful Arabs but inspired whole world nearly after 600 years of Jesus Crist.

He was very simple embodiment of all perfections. He was the ultimate source of knowledge whom the Almighty Creator feeded the entire information of the universe. Whatsoever Hz. Mohammad taught to reform the turbulent people was word to word Devin revelation having authoritative proclamation. His reforming ideology to uncivilized vagrant and hostile people is a series of admonitions, instructions, and agreements and divine revelations that he addressed again and again in uncultured gatherings and assemblies. his unique reforming capacity to inculcate equality & respect, love & truth, simplicity & honest, wisdom & righteousness first inspired the transformation of few desert tribes, Mecca then all the three provinces of Arabia and even far and wide places of the world due to high morality, spirituality and socio-economical philosophy of humanity educating for the best possible uplifted of uncivilized barbarians to transform into a Nation having intellectually, spiritually and socio-economically healthy people following the ultimate simple and most easy religion of humanity.

His enemies tortured him beyond the limits but he never loss his courage to carry out the divine mission of humanity and he died in harness on Monday 11th June 632 A.D. leaving being a value oriented society (inna lillahe wo inna ilaihe rajioon).