Holy Message Of Holi

(S.Kaleem Sibtain Naqvi)

The Almighty God sent His apostles everywhere to guide the people about divine mission and to make them able to understand real and unreal, to avoid the path of sins and to follow the truth.

In Quran, sura-e-Al-anbiya He say-
“Innakum wa ma tabedoona min doonil lah-e hasabo jahannama antom laha waridoon”[97]
“You and all those that you worship besides the Almighty God shall be the fuel of Hell”

In the same sura-e-Al-anbiya it is said that the believers and followers of Almighty God do not get afraid of any horrible terror and His angels bring divine blessings for them .

now we come to self willed haughty King Harna Kashyap who once upon a time ruled over a big empire from Mool Isthan which is now called Multan(Pakistan). He was a hard-hearted and hard-headed man full of proud of power and wealth. He denied the existence of lone supreme power which is foremost and forever. He declared him the God, nobody could dare to rise against him sinful declaration due to his overcasting terror. But see the miracle of Almighty God that a divine believer of God- Prahlad was born as son of the King. Prahlad bloomed as lotus of truth over the surface of foul stinking marsh of sins.

As log as Prahlad had been growing up the King father was confused by his mysterious attitude. Harna Kashyap insisted him to accept him as God but even being a young boy he refused to accept it. Harna Kashyap punished him and tortured him repeatedly for the acceptance of his Godship. After all efforts Harna Kashyap decided to get him killed at all cost.

Harna Kashyap ordered to throw Prahlad from the peak of the mountain but supercilious King was at a loss looking him alive. He got Prahlad brutaly tortured but always ended in fiasco. Harna Kashyap discussed the matter with his sister Holika who had a satanic gift that fire would not burn her so she thought a trick to express false affection to Prahlad keeping him in her lap, meanwhile Harna Kashyap got prepared a pyre around Holika and ignited it. So the horrible fire flame were all around Holika and Prahlad. The Kind was happy that encompassing fire flames would have turned Prahlad into ashes and then he could establish Godship easily but again the result was opposite. Holika was finished and Prahlad pleasantly praying and praising the glory of One Existence having no second. Prahlad had no fear of any real unreality and its sinful phenomenal acts of falsehood. The burning of Holika became saturnalia for the people. So they celebrated it on the next day with colours as starting of the cheerful period with the victory of truth.

How could Harna Kashyap tolerate it. He was going mad of anger. He decided to kill Prahlad by his own. He was having the satanic boon that he could not be killed by any human being or animal by any weapon in neither night nor day and even inside or outside the palace. He thought him immortal God. He was gradually increasing his torments for Prahlad but again and again remained unsuccessful to defeat the truth. He was furious to kill his son Prahlad. He got him fastened with iron pillar of the exterior arch of the gate of the palace.

After a day or two when it was dawning he came to Prahlad quivering horrible sward and asked the same question “Am I not your God?” Prahlad replied- “Of course not, the Parmatma who created the Earth, Heavens, all in between them and you and me, He is the Almighty God of you, me and all. Harna Kashyap’s anger was beyond his control and he gave a powerful stroke of sword to cut off his head from the body but simultaneously the pillar smashed up with a dreadful sound a and creature having the human body but lion’s face and claws appeared who tore off the body of Harna Kashyap and the child was again safe and sound praising the glory of The God. That was the same day when one year earlier people celebrated the victory of divine truth with colors after conversion of Holika into ashes by fire in her pyre.

So it is the festival of victory of righteousness and divine truth over evils of phenomenal world of satanic deeds but now practically this message is being separated by super imposition of unworthy,mean and sometimes shameful malpractices in the name of Holi. Eve-teasing, alcoholism, vandalism and such other activities made us ashamed. We should not draw even a little ugly spot on the pious canvas of Holi and it should really become our spiritual, social and cultural Holi panorama of all.