(S.Kaleem Sibtain Naqvi)

The religion is that divine lights which engulfs all the darkness of minds and hearts if is adopted not superficially but followed by our inner souls with full of its gravity.

English poet Drydon says-

Errors, like straw, upon the surface flow

He that would search for pearls must dive below

Everything and everyone deserves respect because they are the product of Almighty God’s creation that is so infinitely complex that our minds can comprehend and not duplicate, and the religion is the divine code of mission of the creator for the people to decode by accepting and following the commanding authority of the creator which is merely not the methodological performance of the of the formalities to achieve the materialistic merits but in the divine grace of the Creator.

The religion is the state of equilibrium between our mental, physical and social interactions in the form of humanity. it is the connection between us, our inner souls and our creator. wen have no merits but it is his grace that we are in our existence.

There is a lone religion for the entire creation of the universe commanded by he creator whom we call by different synonyms as God, Parmatma, Khuda, Om or Allah. The creator constituted a mission or religion that can create the balance of emotions to search the foremost and ultimate truth, and the truth of life and death which is phenomenologically called as religion. The phenotype of the traits of religion is humanity.

So if our aim of life is one, our religion is also one. No matter if the ways of approaching the same target are different. Different routes for single destination keep away the problems of space to move for huge crowd of people. No matter if some roots are rough and tough and some are smooth, no mater if phonetics of expressing the feelings is different in different groups of people but the matter is the heartiest acception gravity of the connection between the creator and created which is universal religion of all the human beings and is called humanity. A hindi poet Vayom says-

“dharm toh aachran hai, nahin aavrun

Aachran ki kami reh gai hai aamrun

Aachran ki kami dur jo kar sake

is zamane ko woh aadmi chahiye

Hai andhera bahut roshini chahiye”

So infect the humanity is the universal religion given us as the mission of God which connects us with the God, Parmatma or Allah and all the superficial terms as Hinduism, Christianity’s, Mohammad’s, jews or Sikh are the only exponent of the single religion of humanity which has its spiritual ideology to fulfill the aim of life.

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  1. TRULY we are distracted so much from our main goal…We should try our best to stay on the right path and the duties and responsibilities of this life should not overtake the responsibilities of the akhira…Allah swt is most compasionate

  2. Respected Srinyvas Sahib, Thank you very much for your appreciation and it would be my pleasure if you think my efforts valuable for you and are allowed to copy this article . may God make it fruitful for you [Ameen].

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