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I am sorry for this belated publication of the second tale of the BLESSED ISLAND AMROHA that was completely printed a fortnight ago but I committed a little mistake to click the keys, no doubt, all of our high tech machinery is the gift of the GOD invented by great efforts of our scientists but it has no soul and it knows no feelings of any person, so with a twinkle of eye the entire AMRO-TALE NO.2 was vanished from the file and…….

Ek lumha tarap ke pighal gaya yaron,
Jais -e main suraj nigal gaya yaron.

It saddened me a lot for some time because except the data I did not write the structure of its’ dossier by hand but “there is always the next time’’ ,so in my view the present form of Amro-Tale No.2 is not the perfect image of the vanished composition but as it was not the dream picture of Coleridge’s Kubla Khan placing before us pleasure-dome, deep rivers, ’caverns measureless to man’, the realities have their own influence, so I tried my best to maintain the same depth and gravity in the text of the chapter remembering the couplet of a poet which I think as an important process in the life of the pilgrims to approach the ultimate real destination-

‘’Ye kiya ke chalte gaye aur aagayi manzil,
Lagen na do char thokren tou safar kiya.’’

So I am again enjoying to write the well known realities of Jazeera-e-taharat Amroha to high light some of its’ distinguished features and hope the honorable readers will give their worthy remarks for the sake of further refinement.



Amroha is the name of that prominent land which has its’ significant role in strengthening the interpersonal relationships between all the communities to protect the pretty socio-moral values even in the period of deteriorating transition of the status due to Zamindari Abolition and lack of up to the mark knowledge of the demand of the time in changing political and economical environment. It is that great land which has always shown its’ brilliant power of qualities not only in the field of divine philosophy and spirituality but also in the field of multi- dimensional creativity and could establish its’ not only Literary excellence but it has the honor to produce innumerable glittering stars of the country for the global nation from the deep oceans to the heavens in the space who are the pride of entire human community of the word. There has been a curious sensitiveness in the soul of the land to understand the tendencies of the time to face the high and low tides for the sake of socio- economical and political uplift of the people of this blessed land while the Amrohies faced some adverse period too but never got demoralized and never lost their patience. The best source that provided them the power of contentment was their firm faith in the LORD OF HEAVENS AND THE EARTH. Not only the original Amrohies feel it pride to be of AMROHA but the peoples from some other places also think it as the blessings of the God to have links with Amroha.

Perhaps they verify the statement of MIRZA GHALIB that- “Qatra dariya me jo mil ja-e to dariya ho ja-e”.


Jaub ishq sikhata hai andaz – e – khodagaahi ,
Khult-e hain gholamo pur asrar-e-shahanshahi…………….(Allama Iqbal)

Whenever I quote any couplet of Allama Iqbal,I remember the deep aesthetic prowess of H’able DR.MANZAR ABBAS Sahib,A.M.U.Aligarh,who explained this whole poem in a MUJLIS by all the angles concluding the extract of the soul of the lesson which Allma Iqbal wanted to communicate to follow the path of devoted love for ALLAH but I think that I am unable to create the same marvelous state of consciousness of mind that was created by Dr.Manzar Abbas Sahib with its’ justified gravity but as for as I concern with this couplet,I am trying to repeat a little of his perfect explanation in the context of the saintity of AMROHA asThe divine treasures are always opened for the pilgrims following the true path of ONE UNITY HAVING NO SECOND and for them, who show non cooperation with the Satanic violence and maintain the humanity on the earth, they have all the powers but they use them for the betterment of the others and they selflessly help to save the life of even the small creatures, they avoid the luxuries for their owns, they feel royal comfort in the struggle to establish an excellent social network of humanity. Amroha, in the lap of the sacred river Ganges is one of such God blessed places, where due respect is given to all the creatures of God, even the stray- dogs are not abused by vulgar words but are restricted with the words-“Adub adub”So, anybody can imagine the real tendency of humanity and a beautiful value system that was existing in this small piece of land in Himalayan planes which is still found in the present period of hard competition for more and more successful future.

The people who follow the rule of All Merciful and All Powerful God have most vital faith in reality of unseen existence and the divine authoritative commandments guide them the righteous way and they establish the real prayers and glorify the unlimited blessings and spend out of what they possess, in the name of the Lord of the Worlds. Such people get the mysterious energies from the God and become the light-houses in the ocean of darkness.And the Creator of the universe loves such charismatic personalities. By the grace of the God, this piece of the land’ AMROHA’ has the honor of this pride that extraordinary personalities loved to live and pray here to Almighty God. The Island of Hospitality AMROHA has a strong vital faith in the LORD OF ALL THE WORLDS and in His authoritative commandments given through His chosen messengers. About belief in the God, SHELLEY, whose pamphlet- THE REVOLT OF ISLAM having twelve cantos in Spensarian stanzas were revolutionary in their style and who believed that “A thing of Beauty is a joy, for- ever .“ I think this joy he could find in the pious love and worship of ALMIGHTY God as he says in the following lines of his poem Adonais –

“That Light whose smile kindles the universe,
That Beauty in which all things work and move,
That Benediction which the eclipsing curse
Of birth can quench not, that sustaining love
Which through the web of being blindly wove
By man and beast and earth and air and sea.’’(Shelley)

Amroha is the place which was preferred not only by the great spiritual saint SYED SHARAFUDDIN SHAH VILAYAT PEER PAHARI 10th progeny of Hz. Imam Ali Naqi(a.s) but a number of such godly saints loved Amroha, and Amroha not only accepted them but also provided the fertile grounds for the prosperous propagation of their spiritualism for the salvation from the sins.

MOULANA SYED SHAH NASRUDDIN GHAZI CHISTI ,another powerful saint from the ancestry of Hz. Imam Zainol Abideen came to Amroha a few years earlier than Shahvilayat Sahib who had equally brightened Amroha with the divinity of ALLAH and AHLEBAYAT.No doubt ,it was certainly the divine attraction of the Salvation Isle Amroha that during the regime of Emperor Baber, SYED MOHAMMAD ASHRAF TAQVI DANISHMAND liked it settle here.He was highly intellectual ,well-versed and witty scholar of the Moghal court of Emperor Baber. The famous Hindi poet GHULAM ALI RASKHAN was also from the great land of spiritual distinctions Amroha in Himaliyan planes.

“BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGATHER”, so BHOORE KHAN SHAHEED whose tomb is at a distance of nearly half furlong from railway station Amroha along the railway track and SHAH ABBAN SAHIB whose KHANQAH is near GOVERNMENT INTER COLLEGE,AMROHA were also the prominent saints who loved AMROHA and provided their socio-spiritual inspirations for strengthening the humanity. GARH MOKTI ISHWAR and BASU DEV, are still prominent as the proof of the greatness of the land of Amroha where love is the binding force between all the communities making a specialized unit of a beautiful co-existance and (bahumdillah), we all are proud of it, may ALMIGHTY GOD sustain it forever (Ameen!). The number of the godly men who loved and arrived Amroha to settle for their meditation is long enough but all of them are not mentioned here because the work in this direction has been going on that will be inshallah published in future.(Ameen )!


It is the route of the journey of MEERAN SYED ALI BAZORG HUSAIN WASTI , father of SYED SHARAFUDDIN SHAHVILAYAT SAHIB from IRAQ to (AMROHA- KUMAUN –AMROHA) with his caravan that can be shortly expressed as follows-

WAST (IRAQ) }>>>>….to….>>>>>{ IRAQ’S other cities }>>>>>….to….>>>>>{ SAHODARA( near Lahore along river Sindh) , the birth place of Syed Sharfuddin Shahvilayat Sahib,born in 1252 A.D. (653 hIJRI}>>>>>…….>>>>>{ MOLTAN(Punjab),the parental place of the wife of Meeran Syed Ali Bazorg }>>>>>….to….>>>>> {MORSHIDABAD(Bihar)}>>>>>…. to….>>>>> {MEERAN SARAI (near Amroha), the place where Meeran S. Ali Bazorg died}………………………………… A few years later Sharfuddin Shahvilayat Sb. left Meeran Sarai and shifted to AMROHA on 2nd Zilhij 670 Hijri(1269 A.D.), an excellently green area having dense MANGO- ORCHARDS. He also used to live in a cave of KUMAUN HILLS for meditation >>>>>>>>>>>>>DATE AND PLACE OF DEATH OF SYED SHARAFUDDIN SHAHVILAYAT SAHIB-21st Rajab 783 Hijri(1382 A.D.) in the age of 130 years at AMROHA.

The godly saints never forget to follow the LORD of heavens and earth and all that lies b
etween them and are always rewarded by spiritual powers and become the lighthouses in the ocean of darkness and their lone aspiration of life becomes the inculcation of HUMANITY’ amongst the peoples of different streams and they find the mysterious miracles of Almighty God within their-selves-

“Tera wajood khod hee muzhar -e- ilahi hai,
Khodhi se bahur jahan me khuda talash na kar.” …………(Allama Iqbal)

Due to political turmoil in IRAQ the caravan of Meeran Syed Ali Bazorg Husain Wasti went to several cities in IRAQ but when could not find suitable place in Iraq and the destiny decided by the God made their minds to migrate towards BHARAT,they reached SAHODARA near Lahore along the river Sindh .During the stay in SAHODARA,Sharafuddin Shahvilayat Sahib was born in 1252A.D.(653 Hijri) then they went to Moltan which was the parental place of the wife of Meeran Syes Ali Bazorg Husain Wasti but staying there for a short period ,the caravan departed towards Morshidabad in Bihar which was also not of their liking so they extended their journey in the direction of Amroha and reached a place near Amroha which was given the name as Meeran Sarai after the death of Meeran Syed Ali Bazorg Husain Wasti where this saint of great values said goodbye to the materialistic world for the journey to the heaven,so his grave is at that place near Amroha.

When Syed Sharafuddin Sahib was nearly seventeen years old, he left Meeran Sarai and reached Amroha on second Zilhij, 670 Hijri (1269 A.D.) after the death of his father during the rule of GHIYASUDDIN BALBAN(1266-1290 A.D.).He preferred AMROHA and KUMAUN HILLS’ CAVE for his divine meditation and spiritual acknowledgement where his next generations collectively inhabited in the area of present

Mohalla Shahvilayat, Naugaza, Mollana, Satthi,Haqqani and Mohalla Panchdara but slowly they shifted to different places during the long course of time.He provided his spirituality to Amroha from the period of GHIYASUDDIN BALBAN(1266-1290) to THE SECOND SULTANATE DYNASTY,KHILJI DYNASTY(1290-1320)” to TUGHLAQ DYNASTY(1320-1413) during the Sultanates of GHIYASUDDIN TUGHLAQ-1 (1321-1325), MOHAMMAD SHAH TUGHLAQ- II(1325-1351) to FIROZ SHAH TUGHLAQ(1351-1388) but the GREAT SAINT OF HUMANITY SYED SHARAFUDDIN SHAHVILAYAT SAHIB left this world for the everlasting divine world on 21st RAJAB,1382 A.D.(783 HIJRI) during the regime of FIROZ SHAH TUGHLAQ.

Innalillah-e-wo inna ilahe rajaion.



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