Those who do great things are usually silent!

The history of Hindi poetry is extended over a period of almost one thousand years. Hindi verse literature as a whole can be divided into four yugas (kal or stages) – Adi Kal, Bhagti Kal, Ritee Kal and Adhunik Kal.

Adikal or Veergatha Kal (the Early Period) The Literature of this period belongs between 10th to 14th centuries. The poetry either highlights certain religious ideologies or praises the heroic deeds of the Rajput rulers and warriors in the form of verse-narrative (Kavya Rass). 

In the Veer Gatha Kal, our popular culture was saturated with themes of conflict, combat, and conquest. In the popular write-ups or folk traditions our heroes in that era were warriors. Even in Adhunik Kal, as a society, we like our celebrities to be cheeky, self-important, and even a bit narcissistic. Fortunately, our beloved prime minister Shri Naredra Modi is blessed to the brim with all these virtues.

As a chief minister of Gujarat he used to address directly to President of Pakistan as Miyan Musharraf. While many thought he was hitting above that weight, there were many who admired his delivery. It is another matter that he landed in Pakistan to celebrate some happy occasion with the family of then prime minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharief uninvited. It was a master stroke of courtesy and politics if you want to agree,

The young new prime minister of Pakistan was not unmindful of NaMo’s gesture to his predecessor. Imran Khan had recently remarked that BJP is the Party that is better placed to do business with Pakistan. He didn’t name Shri Narndra Modi Ji but it was all between the lines to read as everyone knows who wears the breaches in Indian power politics today.

However, the latest statement of Prime Minister Modi is clear indication that NaMo didn’t relish the compliments from across the border at least in this elections season.

Our prime minister announced with all conviction that India is no more afraid of nuclear threats from Pakistan. “Otherwise, Pakistan used to give nuclear threats. What do we have? Have we kept it for Diwali (Warna aay din nuclear button hai, ye kehte the. Hamare paas kya hai. Ye Diwali ke liye rakha hai kya)?” Mr. Modi said. He said Indian forces killed terrorists across the border without engaging in a war. “This is called a strong government. We have created fear among terrorist.” Modi made these remarks at an election rally in Barmer in Rajasthan on Sunday.

These kind of statements are not taken in positive spirit in comity of modern nations. I don’t recall if US President Truman had ever used such kind of expression before he bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki to dust and smithereens. The whole world knows that Pakistan is no match to India might is any equation of power and strength. We don’t need to remind Pakistan, a state that is crumbling under its own contradictions of failing economy, Martial Law and puppet politicians.

Mr. Modi said his government crushed the ego of Pakistan and “forced the neighbouring country to roam in world with begging bowl”.

One can always admire the combination of confidence and bravado but let us not forget that humility is among the most powerful trait of a leader. Humility of a powerful leader can’t be interpreted as a weakness or inadequacy, The humility of a real leader is always lauded as freedom from arrogance and pride. It is this absence of ego and inflated pride that imparts the weight in his words before deeds and actions.

The loud silence of our ex-prime minister Sardar Manmohan Singh was a wonderful example of that virtue.

For the intelligent masses, healthy confidence of their leader flows from genuine competence and self-worth or self-assurance. It can spring from a passionate point of view about finding a better way and being a tireless pioneer in finding that way.

On the contrary, the unhealthy confidence flows from a position of being pampered as expert/guru with the leadership-zapping trait of arrogance. The arrogant expert typically conveys sentiments like, “I said that; I did that” and “I am more than you.”

Reacting to the statement made by Shri Modi, the leaders of the Congress and regional parties in Jammu and Kashmir hit out at Narendra Modi calling it “boastful” and “irresponsible”. Senior Congress leader Anand Sharma and Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh criticised Modi’s remark as “irresponsible”.

“PM Narendra Modi’s election speeches and irresponsible statements point to the growing desperation in the BJP. Prime Minister’s boastful claims of being ready for a nuclear missile attack on Pakistan and US intervention are uncalled for and not in interest of national security,” Sharma tweeted.

Sharma’s reaction was also in reference to Modi’s comments in Patan in Gujarat that after Indian Air Force pilot Abhinandan Varthaman was held by Pakistan, a senior American official on the second day said that “Modi has kept 12 missiles ready and might attack and the situation will deteriorate”. “Pakistan announced return of the pilot or else it was going to be a ‘qatal ki raat'(a night of bloodshed),” the prime minister had said. 

Sharma also said the Congress would like to remind Modi that these elections are about unemployment, farm distress and the betrayal of the voters on electoral promises.

Every Indian is proud of the valour of our forces and our nuclear capabilities, but the government cannot hide behind this, he said, adding, “India needs answers.”

Reminding Prime Minister Narendra Modi that ‘Rashtrapita’ is Mahatma Gandhi and India is celebrated as the world’s largest democracy. It will be a sad moment that India is globally judged & you are equated with Kim Jong-un for making threatening statements of nuclear strike,” Sharma added.

PDP president Mehbooba Mufti hit out at Modi for bringing nuclear bombs in the political discourse, saying if India has not kept the nuclear bomb for Diwali, Pakistan has not kept it for Eid.

National Conference leader Omar Abdullah, also a former chief minister, said threat of nuclear annihilation was not a ‘PUBG’ game where one can hit the reset button to restore normal life.

Naim Naqvi

Naim Naqvi

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