Brain is the upper large part of our Central Nervous System (CNS) which is also called as Encephalon situated in the skull. The rest CNS is a narrow spinal cord running through spinal canal from the upper level of Atlas to first Lumber Vertebra. CNS is that site in our body which is responsible for the processing of all the information (experiences) and control. All the voluntary impulses are received and translated into action by CNS by brain and this system is called as Somatic Nervous System while the other one transmits the impulses from CNS to the involuntary muscles for automatic responds which are performed by nerve cord and are called reflex actions.

Midline view of the brain

Midline view of the brain

Morphologically brain is divided into three main regions called as-

1. Forebrain (prosencephalon)
2. Mid Brain (mesencephalon)
3. Hind Brain (rhombencephalon)

Forebrain forms the greater part of the brain having olfactory lobes, cerebrum and diencephalon.

Midbrain is small and it consists of two heavy fiber tracts or CEREBRAL PEDUNCLES on the ventral side and two colliculi (superior and inferior) on each side of the dorsal surface. The cerebral peduncles connect the hindbrain with the forebrain.

The hindbrain consists of cerebellum, pons, varolii and medulla oblongata. The unit of medulla oblongata, pons, midbrain and diencephalon of forebrain are called as BRAIN STEM.A diffuse network of nerve cell bodies and nerve tracts extends through the brain stem which is called as reticular activating system (RAS) to screen the sensory information in such a way that only certain electromagnetic waves or impulses reach the brain.

Human brain is the only thing in the entire universe that is ever attempting to explore itself for best understanding of its functions. The brain and spinal cord consist of nerve cells (neurons) and neurological cells (neuroglia). Neuroglia, provide mechanical support to neurons. It also provides the channel to the impulse to travel from one nerve to other through the gap between two nerves (synapse) and to maintain Blood-brain barrier. The another important information of brain is the presence of NEURO SENSORY CELLS in its hypothalamus which regulates the secretion of PITUITARY GLAND and so all the endocrine glands are indirectly under the control of neuro sensory cells.

The coordination of body and brain is achieved by three overlapping processes-Sensory in-put , Integration and motor output. All the functions are performed by proper coordination of brain and body.

Presentation and Success

In the poem “A Psalm of Life”, H.W. Longfellow(1807-1882) expressed that-

“Lives of great men all remind us
We can make our lives sublime
And departing, leave behind us
Footprints of the sands of time.”

Certainly the real success in life is possible only by virtue of the powers of discrimination, decision, devotion and dedication that can make us able to leave behind us footprints on the sand of time to achieve the destination (goal of success). See as the content of the course of struggle is backbone of success; equally the presentation of the content of right things at right time in a right way is the body of Success. Both are part and parcel to each other. The great success is not possible without efforts to rise but is always possible by extra ordinary efforts and struggle to rise in the right direction to explore the miracle.

Allama Iqbal says-
“Be mojizah duniya mein ubharti nahin qaume
Jo zarb-e-kaleemi nahin rakkhte, wo hunar kya?”

In other words we can say-
“No success is possible without will
No miracle may happen without struggle.”

The efforts and their unique presentation provide the proper success in all the spheres of life. Suppose, take the example of examinees and an examiner. All the examinees are answering the questions with correct contents of the matter but someone gets better marks than the other. The reason is the better presentation of the same content before the examiner. Take another example of food. If the same food is served by different people in different ways, the better presentation would be liked more. And see the monotonous way of presentation cannot make any valuable difference. Someone can deny it, but as a matter of fact, the presentation of the contents of the matter , matters for achieving the success in life.

As a biology student I can say if the matters of life are considered with respect to our body functions and physiology of the brain, it is clear that the brain is responsible for all the functions and deeds done by the body. All the decisions, determinations and practices are the acts performed by our body parts but by the order of our brain and nervous system. The aspiration and intensity to perform any act depends upon the enzymatic actions and by the governance of the brain. Sometimes some of the feelings or the events make us excited, aggressive, calm or imbalanced, sweet or harsh. but the body is the same. Have we ever thought, why do we get angry by hearing a few abusive things about us and sometimes are very sweet and sublime? The reason is the God gifted physiology of our brain and the responses of the body parts. The nitrogenous organic compounds which are called enzymes perform the key role to initiate, motivate, retardate or stop the biochemical processes making body to respond for the electromagnetic waves(impulses) transmitted by the brain to act accordingly by the motor cells of the body organs.

Presentation is the product of inherited traits and the acquired behaviour. It is developed by the interaction of personal character with the environment that imparts the positive and negative impacts of all the living, non-living and abstract things on the personality. Good friends that may be parents, brothers, sisters, cousins or companions, books and journals all are responsible to induce the positive vibrations or invisible energy in the form of electromagnetic waves in your brain that stimulates the specific faculties of brain and the brain cells perform the diagnostic and prognostic functions to think and pass the relevant orders to the concerned organs of the body to respond. The presentation of positive responds makes up your personality impressive and successful. So there is the important role of your friends all along your life for the success.

The creator of all the things of universe made the brain consisting of fore-brain, mid and hind-brain but divided into two equal and symmetrical left and right halves.

Physiologically left half of brain is concerned to evaluate the things in the parts and then as a whole. The God provided the complicated mechanism to think for rational, logical, sequential, analytical and objective thinking to solve the problems. The left half of brain is also responsible to control the speech, language and analyse the matters as calculation of maths and physics, chemistry and the other sciences of arts. The right half of the brain is mostly concerned with the first observation of the whole then in parts. It governs creativity, intuition, holistic, random and subjective thinking.

If you want to get success in your right decisions, you have to put it in the representation of your attitude towards decisions which will first be initiated in the left brain as rational and logical thinking and then in the right half of brain for creativity so that differently distinct creativity can get the powerful ability of presentation in the system of the body organs. So we see that the left and right halves of the brain, nervous system and the body organs establish a balanced coordination between their acts. The brain sends the impulses in the form of electromagnetic waves to the concerned body organs to act accurately according to the commands so that the creativity and logical thinking can give the shape to the idea for the efforts to raise and get success.

The success is possible only by efforts and the heights can be achieved by efforts in the right direction. Presentation of efforts is the process of struggle to reach the goal. The heights can be achieved by gradual raise by gradually accelerated stimulation and governance of the brain for the body. Gain of heights for gradual raise is a process of presentation of good coordination of all the faculties of brain and body which is really the struggle for success.

If the heights are gained without raise, are not real heights but imaginary and inverted, so can’t be called as success because it is not the result of the presentation of proper coordination of brain, body and presentation of acts. If we have the aim to reach a goal and present our best efforts, we get success. If no evident success is acquired even by hard efforts, no problem at all, efforts themselves are success because our actions are in perfect coordination with all the physiological and biochemical processes in the body to present the acts in the favour of brain to rise for getting the success. We should do our best efforts as our brain commands and produce the best presentation of efforts to rise and get success and see if you have determination with dedication, your presentation would make you deserving for your sure success.