By- Kaleem Sibtain ‘Kaleem’

Good-men do not puff by power,
Bend down trees of fruit and flower.
Do not lament for the past,
Look forward struggling fast.

Good-men are the captains of fate,
March they ever never get late.
All the fears they keep away,
No defeat stops their way.

Good-men have the clean mind,
For each in world they are kind.
Destination itself looks for them,
They sail the truth with active helm.

Good-men have the pious soul,
Their path of truth has certain goal.
They do not aspire for the wealth,
But mend the spiritual -health.

Good-men are great indeed,
Courage, honesty, truth, they feed.
Mend their ways and train the souls,
They love the Creator and created whole.

******          *******         ******