By- Kaleem Sibtain ‘Kaleem’

Good-men do not puff by power,
Bend down trees of fruit and flower.
Do not lament for the past,
Look forward struggling fast.

Good-men are the captains of fate,
March they ever never get late.
All the fears they keep away,
No defeat stops their way.

Good-men have the clean mind,
For each in world they are kind.
Destination itself looks for them,
They sail the truth with active helm.

Good-men have the pious soul,
Their path of truth has certain goal.
They do not aspire for the wealth,
But mend the spiritual -health.

Good-men are great indeed,
Courage, honesty, truth, they feed.
Mend their ways and train the souls,
They love the Creator and created whole.

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2 thoughts on “GOOD-MEN

  1. Yes,such men are endangered breed but we hope for the best –
    “Lazim he ke is daur ke Fir-onon se takrain,
    wajib he ke Namroodon ke dozakh se gozar jain,
    Mil jai jo Shaddadon ki jannat bhi to thukain,
    Takhreeb ko tameer ke aadab bhi sikhlain,
    Hur rang me mojood Yazeedan-e-zama hain,
    Doniya motalashi he ke Shabbir kahan hain.”

    Wassalam !

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