S Kaleem Sibtain Naqvi

The Navroz is assumed as the day when the cosmos came in well designed action form of universe by the will of All benefeciant and All merciful Creator Allah from nothingness when Allah was alone-

”Na tha kochh toh Khuda tha,
Nahota kochh toh Khoda hota” [Mirza Ghalib]

See Sura-e Al-Araf [7;54]–”Bismillah hir rehman……….Inna rabba komol lahul lazi khalaqas samawat-e-wal arza fi sittati aiyamin sommastawa alil arsh.Yaghshil lailon nahara yatlobohu hasisaun washshamsa wal qamara wun nojoma mosakhkharatin bi amr-e-hi alal lahol khalqo wal amro tabarakallaho rabbil aalamin”
Your Lord is Allah, who created the heavens and the earth in six days and established Himself on the throne. He covers the day with the night and each pursuing the other urgently;and the sun and the moon and stars are subservient to His command.Both creation and command belong to Him. Bless be Allah,the Lord of all worlds.

In accordance with “ Kitabal-TahfimLi Awail Tanzim ” written by Abu Rayhan Bruini in 10th century AD “ The universe started it’s motion soon after it’s creation by the will of the God on 21st March, the first day of functional universe”. So in Persian calendar 21st March is considered as new year’s day called as Navroz. In this sense it should be the most ancient festival. So it had been celebrated in different ways in different eras and in different areas.

Astrologically Navroz is a day of great importance because it is the day when the length of night is quite equal to the length of the day and the sun rises above the equator of the Earth entering in the constellation of Aeries and such a celestial state is termed as VERNAL EQUINOX of sun when spring season starts. Different communities celebrate it in different forms that do not matter but what matters, is addition of unworthy rituals in the celebration of the festival.

The Navroz festival can be categorized in two forms–
1. Zoroastrian Navroz
It was started by the emperor of Persia, Zoroaster two centuries before Jesus Christ. It was also popular even in 648 BC to 330 BC in Achaemenid Era when exchange of gifts and blessings took place. During the period of Zoroaster the people celebrated it with worship of fire following the Zoroaster’s book Zendavista while Allah sent His apostles to preach that nothing was worthy to be worshiped except one Almighty, all powerful Lord of heavens and Earth- Allah, but more or less the same methodology was continued to celebrate Navroz in central and South Asia, Northern China, Bosnia, Serbia and Macedonia etc.. Legendry kings like Cyrus and Darius who ruled over Persian Empire celebrated the day of Vernal Equinox nearly six thousand years before Christ so we see that before the introduction of Islam all the theories and methodologies of this festival were non Islamic full of pomp and show ,worship of fire and most of the rituals were promoting the atheism.

2. Islamic Navroz-
with the introduction of Islam by the most adored prophet of Allah-Hz.Mohammad[s.w.] most of the absurdities were washed out or sidelined during 650A.D.from the celebrations of Navroz and the day had become the day of performing more prayers and glorification of Allah Who created the all the worlds .So this day of Vernal Equinox had been celebrated as Happy New Year Day in Persian calendar and during the period of four great Caliphs it remained as the day fully submitted to Almighty Allah,His prayers and for exchange of blessings among the peoples.During Abbasi Period , Navroz was declared as a Royal Holiday.
This day is assumed as the day when thousands of peoples died of plague were re-alive by Hz.Eesa[A.S.][Jesus Christ] when he sprinkled water droplets over them[Quran- Sura-e-Baqr-2,243]
The day of Navroz is also assumed as the day when Hisqeel ,the cousinof Pharoah repented his unworthiness and the God gave him miraculous spiritual power when he prepared a wooden box to save newly born Moosa from the tyranny of Pharoah and he was pioneer to accept Moosa as Allah’s Prophet in the court of Pharoah.
This day is also assumed as specially significant day in Muslims because Hz.Imam Ali ibne-Abitalib,cousin and son in law of Hz. Mohammad was declared as Khaliph on 21st.March 656 A.D. as Yom-e-Ghadeer.
But now again the same problem of unworthy practices is overcoming the holiness of the aim of the celebration of Navroz which may tarnish the dignity and decrease the gravity of Islamic Navroz.We have been sometimes somewhere forgetting the depth of our pious festivals. We forget that a rotten apple injures its companion . In the present scenario we cross the boundaries of values to see on the other side of the hedge and fall in the spoiling marsh of evils.
But see, it is the quality of godly men that they try their best to save the peoples from satanic evils which is an uphill task, yet they never loose their positive efforts to make an unspotted value oriented strong nation..They know that—-

Ye ishq nahin aasan bas itna samajh leejea,
Aik aag ka dariya ha aur doob ke jana ha.

So the NAVROZ SHOULD BE CELEBRATED WITH ENTHUSIASTIC SUBMISSION TO THE LORD OF THE HEAVENS AND THE EARTHS AND ALL IN BETWEEN THEM FROM OUR INNER CORE OF PIOUS HEARTS.So the peoples should perform the prayers and glorify the blessings of Allah to get the ability to serve the nation more and more better and we should pay lots of thanks to Allah who created the universe and the best of all creations ”Anima rationalis” to follow the righteous path of divine reality of Doomsday which is certain and everybody will face it.So if w e are true humane we should not deform our healthy rituals of not only Navroz but all of our festivals by adding nonsense formalities and activities for the sake of following the commandments of the Lord of the worlds.


S.Kaleem Sibtain Naqvi

The bravery is the boon of true confidence and untired journey on the pathway of righteousness predicted by the Lord of Heavens and the Earth and all in between them .It brings health ,happiness,wealth , prosperity,knowledge, wisdom, freedom, justice and trust for all the individuals and so for the nation .Falsehood is the worst animy of all these qualities because the falsehood is generated by the frustration of our inner Hell due to the lesser connectivity with the Creator of the Universe.
As a matter of fact sometimes we become unable to decide what is right and what is wrong and the confusion creates unwanted stress making us worried , whenever such a situation is created we should become more conscious and more transparent to do our acts.We have to avoide the deeds to perform having the fear of their disclosure among others. We should not do the things that can anyhow make us ashamed. If there is even a little desire to hide our deed, it is certain that it is not worthy of us and we are somehow afraid of the people can know it and it would be the washing of dirty linnon in the publc. It means it is creating fear which will disturb our peace and happiness.
On the other hand , if we think the biological consequences of fear we will find that it is most harmful for the health because fear negatively activate our body organs to secrete poisionous nitrogenous complex organic compounds[harmful enzymes] that adversely affects our Central Nervous Systom that can create any functional disorder in our body and if the body is affected by fear, it becomes difficult to be diagnosed and results in further psychological problems making the life as a burden and simultaniously the society also gets its harmful impact.
The fear makes us coward and spoils our careers making the life worthless. We must be true to become brave and if we are brave we will not tell the lies and will not be afraid of anything that will harm us or our dignity.

See,if there is a desire to hide our deed,means we are somewhere escaping from our resposibilities or we are doing something unworthy that may be shameful for us . This silent inward hell makes us unhappy and disturbed .We know it very well that we can not keep anything secret out of the God’s vision and when the God , the Creator of the universe knows our deeds then what for we hide from others and if we think it unworthy of us , we should discard it and follow the correct way to avoid the fear of disclosure to get the blessings of Almighty God so that can can enjoy really fearless and happy lieves.

We should not forget our true ambitions to get the real success in our lieves keeping us involved in absurdities of shallow funs and vulgarities of intellectually bankrupt peoples but we have to search and follow the worthy peoples, otherwise, always a blind following the blind will also be fallen in the ditch with him. So, remember ,if our friends are good we will be mutually motivated to do the best worthy of us which will generate lots of positive energy free from all the fears making us physically,mentally and emotionally balanced and healthy, and we will become brave and worthy, so the future would certainly be bright [Inshallah] .
We should also not forget our aim of life with our ambitions to strengthen the humanity.So we have to search and follow the path of truth and sould love our country and the nation to get the true honour in the society.Love is the part and parcel for building a prosperous society and remember- the truth that hurts the feelings of others should not be expressed at all because such a truth is—in the words of WILLIAM BLAKE—‘-‘-‘A truth that is told with bad intent beats all the lies you can invent”.So always follow the path of love and sympathy for the purification of souls and be brave ,fearless and worthy ..
So we should be brave by speaking the dignified truth, be fearless by following the selfless- friitful truth and be worthy by expressing the thuth with heartiest love to give the real meanings to our lieves.If we follow it,
inshallah the God will make the ways for us. Ameen!

Not Merits But His Mercy

(S.Kaleem Sibtain Naqvi)

“Teri hai zameen , tera aasmaan;
Tu bada meherbaan tu bakhsheesh kar.”

As a matter of fact, the fast progress of the world made us able to perform wonderful things that were earlier far away from the possibilities and beyond our imaginations. The world has become hi’ tech and our motto has become perfectly materialistic, rooted in the marsh of real unreality.

In such a hypocritical environment of vulgar artificiality, it is of course, an uphill task to cut this Gordian knot to create a surge of searching the truth in the dormant sea of thoughts which depends upon our power of discrimination, decision, determination and dedication that will decide the fate of our final lives after death.

One of the common fact mentioned in Vedanta, Torah, Bible and Quran is that there is only the mercy of God that gives us all the blessings of merits all along our lives.

See the Gayatri Mantr which reveals that the God who created all, looks after us, removes our problems & calamities, Whose blessings give us merits is requested for mercy to make us perfect.

Now see the same in the ultimate book of knowledge- Quran in sora-e Humd “BISSMILLAH HIR REHMANIR RAHEEM. ALHAMDOLIL LAHE-E RABBIL AALAMEEM… EH-HEDE NUSSIRATAL MUSTAQEEM. SIRATAL LAZINA ANUMTA ALEHIM GHAIRIL MUGHZOOB-E-ALEHIM WA LUZ ZOALEEN”. In the name of The God, the compassionate, the merciful-praise be to Allah the Lord of the worlds… Guide us to the right path, the path of those upon whom you bestowed favours, not those who have invited Your wrath, nor those who have gone astray.

Here I would like to quote a dream of a godly man who never performed any wrong. He utilized his whole life in the worship of God. He performed all the best deeds for others. Once in dream, he visualized that after his death, the angels were taking him in the sky way where the environment was becoming more and more pleasant with comforts of sweet flowering freshness. The man was happy to think of his merits that made Heaven’s comforts for him in return but as soon as this thought came in his mind he went on realizing the change occurring in the environment that was gradually becoming unpleasant, dry and then the chilling heat and hurdles made him tired and thirsty. He requested to angels for getting rest and some water but in vain.

Slowly the heartbreaking journey had become more and more tiresome. He saw a water woman on the way and requested for some water but she demanded its cost. The man had no money, he told his problem so she asked if he had anything to give in return, but nothing he found in his hands while the thirst was breaking his breaths. Water woman advised if he give all of his merits of worship & goodness of his whole life in return, she might give half full bowl of water. When he drank it, he thought of unworthiness of his thought. He realized that all his worships were equal to the half bowl of water. He realized his wrong thinking. Almighty God had given him sweet streams, rivers & fountains, He gave him innumerable gifts in each small fraction of time. The godly man was ashamed of his mistake that he had forgotten the mercy of God, Who gave everything to him to live and enjoy, He never demanded the cost of His uncountable gifts, His mercy was unlimited. He repented on his mistake and beseeched to excuse his sin. Then the God commanded the angels again to change the direction of journey towards heaven and slowly the environment was becoming again pleasant.

The God knows all of our feelings and is the lone commander of all his created Worlds. He is all Merciful & Compassionate & all of our merits are His mercy.We have no quality of anything without His mercy.

Holy Message Of Holi

(S.Kaleem Sibtain Naqvi)

The Almighty God sent His apostles everywhere to guide the people about divine mission and to make them able to understand real and unreal, to avoid the path of sins and to follow the truth.

In Quran, sura-e-Al-anbiya He say-
“Innakum wa ma tabedoona min doonil lah-e hasabo jahannama antom laha waridoon”[97]
“You and all those that you worship besides the Almighty God shall be the fuel of Hell”

In the same sura-e-Al-anbiya it is said that the believers and followers of Almighty God do not get afraid of any horrible terror and His angels bring divine blessings for them .

now we come to self willed haughty King Harna Kashyap who once upon a time ruled over a big empire from Mool Isthan which is now called Multan(Pakistan). He was a hard-hearted and hard-headed man full of proud of power and wealth. He denied the existence of lone supreme power which is foremost and forever. He declared him the God, nobody could dare to rise against him sinful declaration due to his overcasting terror. But see the miracle of Almighty God that a divine believer of God- Prahlad was born as son of the King. Prahlad bloomed as lotus of truth over the surface of foul stinking marsh of sins.

As log as Prahlad had been growing up the King father was confused by his mysterious attitude. Harna Kashyap insisted him to accept him as God but even being a young boy he refused to accept it. Harna Kashyap punished him and tortured him repeatedly for the acceptance of his Godship. After all efforts Harna Kashyap decided to get him killed at all cost.

Harna Kashyap ordered to throw Prahlad from the peak of the mountain but supercilious King was at a loss looking him alive. He got Prahlad brutaly tortured but always ended in fiasco. Harna Kashyap discussed the matter with his sister Holika who had a satanic gift that fire would not burn her so she thought a trick to express false affection to Prahlad keeping him in her lap, meanwhile Harna Kashyap got prepared a pyre around Holika and ignited it. So the horrible fire flame were all around Holika and Prahlad. The Kind was happy that encompassing fire flames would have turned Prahlad into ashes and then he could establish Godship easily but again the result was opposite. Holika was finished and Prahlad pleasantly praying and praising the glory of One Existence having no second. Prahlad had no fear of any real unreality and its sinful phenomenal acts of falsehood. The burning of Holika became saturnalia for the people. So they celebrated it on the next day with colours as starting of the cheerful period with the victory of truth.

How could Harna Kashyap tolerate it. He was going mad of anger. He decided to kill Prahlad by his own. He was having the satanic boon that he could not be killed by any human being or animal by any weapon in neither night nor day and even inside or outside the palace. He thought him immortal God. He was gradually increasing his torments for Prahlad but again and again remained unsuccessful to defeat the truth. He was furious to kill his son Prahlad. He got him fastened with iron pillar of the exterior arch of the gate of the palace.

After a day or two when it was dawning he came to Prahlad quivering horrible sward and asked the same question “Am I not your God?” Prahlad replied- “Of course not, the Parmatma who created the Earth, Heavens, all in between them and you and me, He is the Almighty God of you, me and all. Harna Kashyap’s anger was beyond his control and he gave a powerful stroke of sword to cut off his head from the body but simultaneously the pillar smashed up with a dreadful sound a and creature having the human body but lion’s face and claws appeared who tore off the body of Harna Kashyap and the child was again safe and sound praising the glory of The God. That was the same day when one year earlier people celebrated the victory of divine truth with colors after conversion of Holika into ashes by fire in her pyre.

So it is the festival of victory of righteousness and divine truth over evils of phenomenal world of satanic deeds but now practically this message is being separated by super imposition of unworthy,mean and sometimes shameful malpractices in the name of Holi. Eve-teasing, alcoholism, vandalism and such other activities made us ashamed. We should not draw even a little ugly spot on the pious canvas of Holi and it should really become our spiritual, social and cultural Holi panorama of all.



(S.Kaleem Sibtain Naqvi)



There are three invisible features of the spirit of bringing about the reformation in the human beings -Love, Truth and righteousness which induce the enthusiasm for free exploration in the theme of the aim life to make a healthy society of the peoples.

The Al mighty God, Paramatma or Allah when created the universe there was no man ,no community, no religion and no language but was a divine mission around which He wanted the entire creation moves. So all of the visible and invisible perafernelia was created for the sake of foremost event of the creation of the unity of entire divine energies (noor) even before the creation of any matter. Then after Almighty God created the universe, man & communities and the languages came in existence.

The single mission behind the creation of foremost event was to let the people understand and respect the relation between the Creator and created which was called by different names in different languages in different groups of people in different eras while the lone theme of this relation was everlasting humanity for which the Creator send 1,24,000 divine messengers in all parts of the worlds leaving no space without His preachers.

Up to 7th century A.D. Arabia, the largest peninsula of the world was specially a dreadful arid desert- flotsam of most uncivilized homeless, variant idolatrous tribes as it was before the construction of Kaaba by Abraham and Ismaeel who gave the lessons of the same humanity to the people as the earlier messengers of Almighty God gave but Arabs ever discarded the Almighty God and His messengers. In the absolute darkness of illiteracy, hypocrisy & barbarism. The satanic evil spirits had pushed them into the valley of sins. Their superstition was not ready to say goodbye to their hostile and inhumane lifestyle and to accept the divine philosophy of humanity.

After a series of divine messengers, the Creator of the universe sent His foremost unity of entire divine energies in the form of Mohammad, the ultimate source of humanity and the excellent preacher of divine mission explaining the honor and glory of the relationship between Creator and created.

Hz Mohommad did know that the umbrella was of no avail anoints the thunderstorm of Arabian horrid fauxpas but he promised to make a society having high moral and spiritual values following the ideology of humanity by leaving no stone unturned for all-round upliftment of the people.

He was the son of Abdullah and Aamina bint-e-wahab and grand son of Abdul Muttalib.

He was born on 20th April 569 A.D. (17th Rabi-ul-avval) in Mecca (province Hijaz) sometime after the death of his father Abdullah.

Lady Halima Sadia requested his grand father and mother to give her the honors to look after him at her poor but disciplined rural residence to provide him healthy environment where day by day he grew up faster then others and when he was of 5 years Lady Halima brought him back to his mother as promised while he was more than her own son and daughter Sheema who immensely loved him. He married with Lady Kadija of 40 years when he was 25. On Khadija’s proposal who was a widow of a famous businessman and the daughter of a Christian learned couple. She was an excellent amalgamation of beauty and moral. Hz Mohammad died on 11th June 632 A.D. (28th Safar 11th Hijri) due to slow poison given by some enemy after the death of his wife and Uncle Abu Talib who was his guardian. There were 9 uncles of Hz. Mohammad in which Hz Abu Talib and Hz. Hamza were quite decent persons while Abu Leheb and Abu Jehel were most turbulent and hostile satanic figures who wanted to kill HZ. Mohommad.

Hazrat Mohammad was the central pivot of the mission of Almighty Creator. He was His last messenger and the greatest reformer of the worst barbarian Arabs.

Hz. Mohammad practically inculvated the theme of the aim of life and religion of humanity not only in the hearts of most uncivilized uncultured and untutored sinful Arabs but inspired whole world nearly after 600 years of Jesus Crist.

He was very simple embodiment of all perfections. He was the ultimate source of knowledge whom the Almighty Creator feeded the entire information of the universe. Whatsoever Hz. Mohammad taught to reform the turbulent people was word to word Devin revelation having authoritative proclamation. His reforming ideology to uncivilized vagrant and hostile people is a series of admonitions, instructions, and agreements and divine revelations that he addressed again and again in uncultured gatherings and assemblies. his unique reforming capacity to inculcate equality & respect, love & truth, simplicity & honest, wisdom & righteousness first inspired the transformation of few desert tribes, Mecca then all the three provinces of Arabia and even far and wide places of the world due to high morality, spirituality and socio-economical philosophy of humanity educating for the best possible uplifted of uncivilized barbarians to transform into a Nation having intellectually, spiritually and socio-economically healthy people following the ultimate simple and most easy religion of humanity.

His enemies tortured him beyond the limits but he never loss his courage to carry out the divine mission of humanity and he died in harness on Monday 11th June 632 A.D. leaving being a value oriented society (inna lillahe wo inna ilaihe rajioon).


(S.Kaleem Sibtain Naqvi)

The religion is that divine lights which engulfs all the darkness of minds and hearts if is adopted not superficially but followed by our inner souls with full of its gravity.

English poet Drydon says-

Errors, like straw, upon the surface flow

He that would search for pearls must dive below

Everything and everyone deserves respect because they are the product of Almighty God’s creation that is so infinitely complex that our minds can comprehend and not duplicate, and the religion is the divine code of mission of the creator for the people to decode by accepting and following the commanding authority of the creator which is merely not the methodological performance of the of the formalities to achieve the materialistic merits but in the divine grace of the Creator.

The religion is the state of equilibrium between our mental, physical and social interactions in the form of humanity. it is the connection between us, our inner souls and our creator. wen have no merits but it is his grace that we are in our existence.

There is a lone religion for the entire creation of the universe commanded by he creator whom we call by different synonyms as God, Parmatma, Khuda, Om or Allah. The creator constituted a mission or religion that can create the balance of emotions to search the foremost and ultimate truth, and the truth of life and death which is phenomenologically called as religion. The phenotype of the traits of religion is humanity.

So if our aim of life is one, our religion is also one. No matter if the ways of approaching the same target are different. Different routes for single destination keep away the problems of space to move for huge crowd of people. No matter if some roots are rough and tough and some are smooth, no mater if phonetics of expressing the feelings is different in different groups of people but the matter is the heartiest acception gravity of the connection between the creator and created which is universal religion of all the human beings and is called humanity. A hindi poet Vayom says-

“dharm toh aachran hai, nahin aavrun

Aachran ki kami reh gai hai aamrun

Aachran ki kami dur jo kar sake

is zamane ko woh aadmi chahiye

Hai andhera bahut roshini chahiye”

So infect the humanity is the universal religion given us as the mission of God which connects us with the God, Parmatma or Allah and all the superficial terms as Hinduism, Christianity’s, Mohammad’s, jews or Sikh are the only exponent of the single religion of humanity which has its spiritual ideology to fulfill the aim of life.


(S.Kaleem Sibtain Naqvi)

Jashn e Eid Miladun Nabi

Jashn e Eid Miladun Nabi

Hazrat. Mohammad Ibn-e-abdullah was born in an absolutely illiterate, turbulent, ineivilized and most hostile Arabian tribe, the ill assort bunch of all the satanic deeds that always shocked the divine sentiments of Hazrat Mohammad(SAW) from his early childhood.

He had been always in search of the ways to bring about the drastic cultural, social and moral change. His living style was quite different from all the other children of Quraish Tribe. All his fellow quraish children insulted him for his dissimilarities of his behaviour.

As long as he had been growing up his worries about his tribal reformation were increased, so he searched a peaceful secret place to concentrate and to focus on his mission of moral and social improvement of the people. This place was a cave three miles away from Mecca in the bed of mount Hira. It was quit peaceful to meditate, worship and pray the Almighty God to reveal the best possible way for salvation of turbulent quarish people sinking in the sea of sins. He liked this cave of Mount. Hira which he always used for his peaceful worship and progress to Almighty God. This was a place where angel Gabriel came to him and told the Mohammad about the declaration of his Prophet hood by Almighty God. There after the series of final divine commandments instructions, agreements and informations discreetly revealed by Almighty God to Hz. Mohammad were communicated through angel Gabriel for ultimate reformation of uncivilized people of dreadfully horrid desert tribes of largest peninsula of the world.


(S.Kaleem Sibtain Naqvi)
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It is the question of each individual of anima rationalis(ashraful makhloqat) that all the organs of my body belong to me and are said as my heart, my hands, my nose and my eyes etc. but this ‘my’ pronoun is governed by ‘I’ which is the replacement of any proper noun. So superficially the reality of ‘I’ was very difficult to understand since the origin of man.
The question of ‘I’ can be easily solved if we go through the Holy Book of Entire Knowledge, the collection of entire Revelation of mysteries of the universe told by Allah to Hz. Mohammad Mustafa (S.W.), Qur’an, which is the solution of all the problems and Islam is the simplest and the easiest religion consisting of the extract of all the religions of humanity.

Mirza Ghalib says:
Na tha kochh to khuda tha,
Kochh na hota to khuda hota,
Duboya mujh ko hone ne,
Na hota main toh kya hota.

“Main (I)” is not a substance made of matter but is only the power of life created by Almighty God with some specific divine purpose.

Tennyson says in his “The Two Voices”-
” That God, which ever lives lones,
One God, one law, one element,
And one for all divine events,
To which the whole creation moves.”

The Almighty God created me and ‘I’ is that abstract element which is divine and the Almighty Allah has given it the power of rationalization to discriminate good & evil & the power to follow either the path of righteousness or of evils as commanded in Qur’an. So ‘I’ is free to do good or evil through the body made of material but there are rewards for goodness & punishment for the evils in the real another world of life.
So ‘I’ is the divine abstract, hidden spirit or soul or power of life in the body. When this hidden abstract or soul leaves the body, the death approaches & no dead says -‘I’, where this ‘I’ has gone. This ‘I’ get transferred from this body to another world for the real life depending upon the fate of the deeds performed in this world.


Life, Death & Resurrection

S. Kaleem S.Naqvi
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There is the existence of an extraordinary methodical organization presiding over the arrangement of phenomena of life and then of death. There are the earths somewhere in the universe similar to our own earth and the nature of the origin of life is aquatic which all are explained in Qur’an as

“Allazi Khalaqos samavat –e vul arz –e – va ma bainahoma”

[Allah is the one who created the heavens and the earth and all that between them].

“Vo hoval lazi kahalaqal laila vuu nahara vas shamsa vul kamara kollo fi falakain yasbahoon”
(Al Ambiya)

[Allah is the one who created the night, the day, the sun & the moon. Each one is traveling in an orbit with its own motion.]

And in the same Soora-e-Al Ambiya He says
“ Va ja ulna minil ma e kola sha in haiyin afala yomenoon.”

[The Almighty God says- We got every thing out of the water, will they then not believe.]

Then he says in Soora –e – Alaq
[Allah fashioned man from something which changes
“Khalaqal insane min alaq”]

Soor –e – Almominun He says “ Summa Khalaqanunnotfata alaqa tan fa khalaqnul alaqata mozahatan fa khalaqnul mozahata izaman fakasonal izama lahmn soma unsha nahoo khalaqan akhera.Fatabarakal la ho ahsanal khabqeen”

[We arranged the things which chings into a chewed lump of flesh and we disciplined the cheved flesh into bones & we covered the bones with active flash.Then we created out of it another creature.So Blessed be allah who is the perfect creator.]
In this way we find the mechanism of the origin of life and also that of man whose all the stages of embryologic development to the young ones are explained in Qur’an which could science discover after a prolonged biochemical & technical struggle.

In Qur’an, para number 28 He says

“ Allazi khalaqa maota vul hayata leyublomakum aiyokon ahsano amalan (b) vo hovul azeezol ghafoor”

[We created life & death so that can test & judge the deeds.]

Qur’an is a collection of commands and devine teaching revealed by allah to his Mohammad .He says “It is allah that takes the souls (of men) at death…” (39:42) and it is also mentioned again & again “When death approaches one of you, our angles take his soul & they never fail in their duty” (6:61) and it all is scientifically proved that death is the state when some invisible power leaves the body.
Then there is the resurrection of the creatures which is the life after death for the judgement of good & evil deeds of anima rationalis (Ashraful Makhloogat ) Which is clear in all the commands of Allah “Kollo nafson zaiqatul mot” and he says it is allah who give you life ,death & who will gather you together for the day of judgment .. “ and the death is not the end of life but only the transfer from this world to another & this would decides the fate of life after death in the other would .
In this way everything about life ,death and resurrection is clearly sxplained in Qur’an , the book of entire Knowledge & allah’s mission which revealed all the facts that science & technology discover later but if we would have the ability to understand Qur’an , all the scientific discoveries & mysteries might be within our reach through our book of knowledge the Holy Qur’an –e -Hakeem